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Cummins Overflow Valve for the P7100 Pump

The Tork Tek overflow valve is the cure for hard starting and low power for the Cummins 12 valve diesel engine.

Manufacturer - Tork Teknology
Model # - OFV020
Submitted By - Tork Teknology (Manufacturer, Distributor)
Country - United States
Category - Automotive : Trucks : Pickup

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stainless ball :   biodiesel
stainless spring :   wvo
super finished seat :   check valve
adjustable :   hex plunger
orifice :   pressure spikes


After 14 months of testing, Tork Teknology is releasing the first adjustable overflow valve for the P7100 injection pump. Cummins owners can now adjust their fuel pressure with the turn of a wrench, without adding shims or stretching springs. Every problem that plagued the OEM design has been solved, including hammered seats and broken springs.

The Bosch spring has a history of breaking or takes a set, which lowers its compression force. This dramatically reduces the fuel pressure in the injection pump, causing low power, and the Cummins will be difficult to start. To cure this problem, Tork Teknology uses heavy duty, custom made springs in all four models of overflow valves. The springs have a service life of 1,000,000 cycles to the second power which translates into near infinite life. As an added benefit, the revised spring and seat design will make starting the Cummins diesel much easier, produce 53% higher fuel pressure at idle, and produce crisp throttle response for the Cummins owner.

The other common defect in the OEM valve is seat erosion. Hammered seats are the second leading cause of failed overflow valves. Many of the Bosch overflow valves that were sectioned had defective seats from the pounding of the ball. With the seat rounded, the ball is now .050 to .075 deeper in the valve and the spring is now longer. The longer spring exerts less force on the ball which produces less fuel pressure. Over time, the ball will hammer the seat to the point where the valve will not function. Tork Tek redesigned the valve to eliminate failed seats. The new bullet proof design, features a super finished seat, which adds a secondary check valve in the fuel system. The leak proof check valve helps prevent back flow to the tank. Starting the Cummins 12V will never be easier because the fuel system will always be in prime.

Tork Teknology also manufactures a line of fuel products and tools for the Cummins 12 valve. For more information, contact Tork Teknology,
(616) 499-7777 or visit


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