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Fuel Injector Clinic 1680cc high impedance fuel injector

Fuel Injector Clinic 1680cc BlueMAX High Impedance Injectors. Great linearity and idle. Great for E85 or other high volume fuels! These injectors do not require a resistor pack or P&H drivers. DO NOT USE WITH "Q" or OTHER MTBE OXYGENATED FUELS.

Manufacturer - Fuel Injector Clinic
Model # - 1680cc
SKU - IS226-1680H
Submitted By - Fuel Injector Clinic (Manufacturer, Distributor)
Country - United States
Category - Automotive : Autoparts : Aftermarket

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High-z fuel injector :   1680cc high-z
plug & play fit :   Evo 8/9, DSM, Honda OBD1, VW Porsche &many OEM dom
Fuel :   E85 or other high performance fuels
Fuel INjector :   top feed
High Flow :   1680cc/min @43.5psi (3Bar)


The Fuel Injector Clinic (FIC) 1680cc BlueMAX Injectors are a Saturated / High Impedance Ball & Seat Injector. This injector offers great linearity as well as idle. And, it will work at elevated fuel pressure and with most E85 or other high volume fuels. (DO NOT USE WITH "Q" or OTHER MTBE OXYGENATED FUELS.).

The Fuel Injector Clinic BlueMAX 1680cc high impedance injectors are the answer when the FIC 1100cc BlueMAX high impedance injector does not flow enough fuel and the FIC 2150cc BlueMAX high impedance injector is not the solution. The 1680cc injectors will work with E85 or other high volume fuel. (DO NOT USE WITH "Q" or OTHER MTBE OXYGENATED FUELS.) And like the 2150cc injector, the FIC BlueMAX 1680cc injector provides a near perfect idle!

The very linear performance of this injector makes tuning a breeze. And the BlueMAX 1680cc injectors are a perfect fit for plug and size when used for Evo 8/9, DSM, Honda OBD1, VW, Porsche and many OEM domestic applications.

While this is a full-height injector, Fuel Injector Clinic provides fuel rail spacers where necessary, so the injector fits any application. The plug is a Jetronic/EV1 compatible form. For those applications where the plugs will not fit, FIC will provide pigtails with each set, or choose the plug and play adaptors, available at a discounted cost with all 1680cc high impedance injector purchases.

Some of Fuel Injector Clinic's dealers have had test sets of the FIC BlueMAX 1680cc high impedance injectors, and have been impressed with these high-quality injectors.

For more information and to get your Fuel Injector Clinic 1680cc high impedance injectors, check out your favorite Fuel Injector Clinic dealer’s website or

Fuel Injector Clinic supplies fuel injectors for supercharged, alcohol, import and domestic applications and offers full cleaning, calibrating and flow balancing for original and high performance injectors. Fuel Injector Clinic offers modified and aftermarket fuel injectors for tuners, automotive enthusiast, fast cars, and more as well as fuel rails, gauges and other necessities to make your bad ride go fast and smooth. Get injectors and more now at -- 561.427.0082. We Feed Speed


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