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The Quick & Natural Pregnancy Guide

This is a detroit publication product by Miley Parker, revealed, how you can get pregnant naturally at any age within 60 days using proven methods. Included in this article is how to conceive fast.

Manufacturer - detroit publications
Model # - p-65
Submitted By - Dhanpat Rai (Developer)
Country - India
Category - Books : EBooks : Health Guide

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Money Back Guarantee :   60 Days
Pages :   77 (Including Cover)
Description :   Detailed
Bonus :   5
Updates :   Life Time


My name is Miley Parker and I am 45 years young. When I was 27, I got married to a software professional. Since I was busy in my career as a model, my husband and I decided to put off having a family.

One year led to another and pretty soon - I was 35! So, we panicked a bit and decided to get pregnant. And we kept trying year after year for 5 years, but we could never conceive.

A doctor visit and numerous medical tests did not help either and my doctor simply told me that we were a healthy couple and this was just a case of "non-specific infertility" and that I might never have a baby!

I was completely shattered and devastated! For few months, I just went into depression, to the point where, I dreamed of getting pregnant every day, and wake up in tears. I started avoiding friends and family, since that was the only topic that everyone wanted to bring up.

Financially, we must have spent over $25,000 on IVF and other treatments, but only ended up with multiple failed cycles due to poor egg quality.

One day, I was reading through a journal and I came across an article about a 48 year old lady who had suffered with endometriosis for over 6 years, and how she was able to conceive and deliver twins through a combination of holistic and natural therapies.

Naturally, I was intrigued and decided to research further. I spent all my time analyzing every single journal, research report and study on fertility.

I spent $1000s attending fertility conferences, just so I could listen to experts present their studies and discoveries about various treatments.

My two year research took me to different corners of the world, meeting similar people who became pregnant using native treatments, documenting their diets and lifestyle.

And from this research, certain patterns started to emerge - foods that they ate, foods that they avoided, types of exercises, changes to their daily routines, the treatments they undertook, treatments they avoided etc

And from these patterns, I created a 7 weeks plan for myself...

Naturally, I was skeptical when I started following my plan....but I had nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain. I was at a point where being a mother was the only thing that mattered and I was ready to try anything...

So, imagine my surprise (more of a shock actually) when I visited my doctor and he informed me that I was pregnant!! I had a natural pregnancy with no complications and my daughter was born 9 months later...fully healthy and completely normal.

And the best part - I was able to conceive her naturally in 7 weeks!

After my daughter was born, I decided that all this time spent on research should not go in vain.....and I wanted to make sure that others like yourself could get your hands on my guide.

So, I spent over a year writing and re-writing, till I had documented every single step, natural treatment, holistic therapy and some incredible diet, nutrition and lifestyle secrets that I used - information that you will never get from any other guide, researcher or fertility doctor.

I want to make one thing may have come across various other guides and books that promise the earth and guarantee that you will get pregnant using rare secrets and mysterious ancient treatments...

These guides have been taking advantage of women (I bought a few myself when I could not conceive) and give an impression that pushing a "button" will make you pregnant easily...I offer no such false promise....

My book is a personal guide to techniques and treatments - that can work wonders on you.

My guide has an in-depth analysis of various methods, strategies and treatments that you can easily integrate into your lifestyle - and this will help you completely increase your chances of being naturally Pregnant In 7 Weeks

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