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iCOMPEL HD Plus High-Speed Digital Signage Appliance (500 GB)

Our fastest iCOMPEL with robust storage, four HD video zones, and more!

Manufacturer - Black Box Network Services
Model # - ICOMP
Submitted By - Black Box Network Services (Manufacturer)
Country - United States
Category - Electronics : Communication : Digital Signage

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CPU Processor :   Intel® Pentium® Core 2 Duo
Memory :   2 GB RAM
CE Approval :   Yes
Power :   Input: 100–240 VAC, 50–60 Hz; Consumption: 60 W
Size :   3"H x 11"W x 10.5"D (7.6 x 27.9 x 26.7 cm)
Weight :   9.4 lb. (4.3 kg)


Gather, distribute, and manage digital signage content easily with our updated iCOMPEL HD Plus High-Speed digital signage network appliance.

Ideal for both large organizations and small offices, the iCOMPEL HD Plus High-Speed works right out of the box with all software preinstalled—and no recurring licensing fees to deal with later. Plus software updates are free for a lower cost of ownership.

Because the iCOMPEL appliance supports many media formats, you can combine video with scrolling text, photos, Flash, and Web content. In addition to HTML, XML, and RSS media, it handles MPEG, AVI, QuickTime®, and PowerPoint® media; JPEG, GIF, and TIFF images; and WAV and MP3 audio.

Install the iCOMPEL on your network and manage it via a browser from any PC or Mac® on a WAN. One iCOMPEL unit used as a publisher can send media over the network to an iCOMPEL unit functioning as a subscriber—even on the other side of the world.

Scaling from a standalone installation to a multichannel network with many screens is a matter of simply adding more iCOMPEL units to your standard IT network configuration.

Use to play or publish, or as a subscriber
The iCOMPEL HD Plus High-Speed works one of three ways:
• As a standalone player, publishing to itself.
• As a publisher, through which you can create layouts, manage playlists, then publish one or more channels to itself as an FTP client or to a USB storage device or an external FTP client. It sends a snapshot of all required files to an FTP file server at a preconfigured location in your attached IP network.
• As a subscriber, pulling down new content and instructions from an FTP client, USB storage device, or another iCOMPEL unit.

Setup is easy. Just connect it to your network and to an LCD or other AV display device, power it up, and once it has an IP address from the network, you use a browser to access the iCOMPEL unit via a DHCP server. Fixed IP addresses can also be set.

To upload media, drag and drop from your PC or Mac desktop or folder to the iCOMPEL media folders on the appliance’s internal hard disk or use the iCOMPEL user interface to browse for and upload the media files.

Features unique to this iCOMPEL
The latest evolution of the iCOMPEL platform includes eight versions spanning three families. All feature a maximum video output resolution of 2048 x 1536 for vivid digital displays. The families mostly differ in their processing speeds, media storage capabilities, if they have DVI connectors or not, the number of USB ports, and how many on-screen video zones supported. Some also have a built-in video capture card with S-Video and Composite video ports for connecting to a CATV or satellite set-top box.

We also offer compact versions for VESA mounting on the back of screens (the ICOMP02–ICOMP03 players). They can even be ordered in ruggedized versions, which feature a fanless, solid-state design for use in areas with lots of equipment vibration.

The model featured here (ICOMP) is our high-speed HD Plus version. It features Intel® Pentium® Core 2 Duo processors and has 500 GB of storage, so it can be used as content media server for other iCOMPEL units on your network. Use it as an FTP server to store and archive large quantities of HD content and to publish to as many as 50 subscriber players. (The ICOMP itself also works as high-end, fully HD-capable subscriber unit that’s capable of handling demanding multivideo displays and complex interactive Flash applications.)

The ICOMP has both digital DVI-D video and analog VGA video ports, and six USB ports (two on the front, four on the rear). In addition, it supports four video zones—great for showing a mix of video feeds within the same digital signage screen! All zones can be displayed with transparency. As with all iCOMPEL units, the ICOMP supports 15 zones for HTML content, and unlimited zones for text, stills, and audio.

Includes sophisticated layout tools
All iCOMPEL units used in a publisher role have the capability to produce and control multiple content channels. Productivity tools enable you to deliver a high-impact display at the right time in the right place, whether it’s stored media, such as promotional ads, or Web media, including XML and RSS feeds.

The included software comes with a number of free layouts, so you can be up and running, displaying your choice of content in a professionally designed format within minutes.

Or you can create your own. The intuitive layout and design tool makes it easy to create and modify layouts. Adjust, resize, position, and layer zones with a simple click and drag! Also, you can manually set pixel or percentage measurements to achieve pixel-accurate alignment or lock a movie zone to a desired aspect ratio (16:9, 5:4, or 4:3).

Set up one or more screen layouts containing one or more rectangular zones for display. Every zone in the display layout has its own playlist, to which you can add multiple stored media files. Each playlist runs in a continuous loop per a preset schedule. Different layouts can be scheduled to play at different times of the day.

You can also add a video file stored on the internal disk, show text from an internal feed, and more. What’s more, RSS subscriber features enable you to automatically collect and display text crawl feeds from the Internet—which is great for streaming news or stock tickers.

This product works with:
• iCOMPEL Wallmount Kit (ICOMP-WALL*)
• iCOMPEL Rackmount Ears (ICOMP-RACK*)
• iCOMPEL HD Plus High-Speed Digital Signage Appliance, 500 GB with Video Capture Card (ICOMP-VID)
• iCOMPEL HD Plus Digital Signage Appliance, 160 GB (ICOMP01)
• iCOMPEL HD Plus Digital Signage Appliance, 160 GB with Video Capture Card (ICOMP01-VID)
• iCOMPEL HD Digital Signage Appliance, 160 GB (ICOMP02-H)
• iCOMPEL HD Digital Signage Subscriber Only, 160 GB (ICOMP03-H)
• iCOMPEL HD Digital Signage Appliance, 32 GB Solid-State, Ruggedized (ICOMP02-S)
• iCOMPEL HD Digital Signage Subscriber Only, 32 GB Solid-State, Ruggedized (ICOMP03-S)
Need assistance ordering your iCOMPEL appliance or designing your complete end-to-end digital signage system? Just contact our FREE 24/7 Tech Support. Also contact us for a one-on-one demo of the iCOMPEL system and its easy-to-use software.
* ICOMP-WALL was previously available as the AC4007; ICOMP-RACK was previously available as the AC4008.


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