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Vintage Swarovsk Crystal Necklace

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Manufacturer - maergu
Model # - HZ01AK00031
Submitted By - Fashion (Retailer)
Country - China
Category - Accessories : Pendant : A.d.nosepin

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HZ01AK00031 :   $ 11.99
HZ01AK00024 :   $ 17.99
X0126 :   $15.99
X0125 :   $14.99
XE0050 :   $12.99
X0008 :   $25.59 (60% OFF)
XS0046R :   $19.99 (60% OFF)
HZ01AK00045 :   $11.99


9 methods of recognize crystal true and false
(1)Eye watech:Natural crystal contain some impurities when formation process,towards sun can see average little crack and catkin shape material.The fake crystal most adopt crystal glass melt,through grind and color but no average crack and catkin shape material.
(2)Tongue lick:Even in hot summer,use tongue to lick the crystal will feel cool and cold.If the fake crystal will no cool feeling.
(3)Sunshine irradiate:Natural crystal stand under sunshine,no matter where you look,it can generate beautiful luster,fake can’t.
(4)Hardness:Natural crystal is of large hardness,use rubble to scratch it lightly will no trace,if have then the crystal is fake.
(5)Use polariscope check:Turn 360 degree under polariscope can find four light and four dark is the natural crystal,no change is the fake one.
(6)Dichromatism:Natural crystal have the dichromatism but the fake one doesn’t have.
(7)Magnifier:Use ten times a magnifying glass in transmitted light, can find bubbles is the fake crystal.
(8)Use hair to check:Put the crystal on one hair,human eyes can see the double shadow through the crystal is the natural crystal,mainly because crystal have double refraction.
(9)Conductometer detection:Adjust it to green 4 to test diamond,natural crystal can increase to yellow 2,but fake one can’t,when the size is large it can increase to yellow one.


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