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Protecting Your Financial Future

Protecting Your Financial Future discloses the legal loopholes attorneys and their super rich clients use to protect their assets and make money. FREE Shipping & Handling-Limited Time

Manufacturer - Lee R. Phillips
Model # - ISBN: 0964896524
Submitted By - Phillips Estate Planning (Publisher, Author)
Country - United States
Category - Financial : Wealth Management : Investing

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Learn Legal Loopholes :   $1000
Use the Tax Laws :   $1000
Secure Wealth :   $1000
Legal Tools of Wealth :   $1000
Retire Comfortably :   $1000


Protecting Your Financial Future

By Lee and Kristy Phillips

Protecting Your Financial Future discloses the legal loopholes attorneys and their super rich clients use to protect their assets and make money. These legal “tools of wealth” enable them to do this without any more risk, no more work, and no funny investments.

In today’s lawsuit crazed society, making money isn’t enough. You have to protect what you earn, or somebody will take it away from you. People make it and lose it over and over again as they go through life. If you can just avoid one or two of the legal traps Protecting Your Financial shows you how to get around, that’ll be the difference between retiring and being able to go on the cruise and doing whatever you want, or retiring broke on social security.

Protecting Your Financial Future lays it all out for you

The secure foundation. You can’t build a house from the roof down. You need a foundation. You can’t build a fortune from the roof down either. If you have ever worried about being sued or going bankrupt, Protecting Your Financial Future will help you see how to secure your wealth. People get rich when they lay a foundation to protect what they make and position themselves to make even more.

How to use the tax laws. Stop your annual April blood bath. See the 9 ways you can stop the annual IRS loss. They’re simple. You don’t need a lawyer. All you need to do is have someone show you the legal tools of wealth. Oh, there’s no question, the lawyers soak their rich clients for the information Protecting Your Financial Future gives you. But Lee and Kristy aren’t average lawyers. Lee became very ill when they were young and they know what it’s like to lose most of what you have. So they are on a mission to make sure you don’t fall into the trap, and they are more than happy to help everyone understand the legal path to wealth that lawyers have developed. No, they’re not popular in the legal profession, but as counselors to the United States Supreme Court, they are hard to dismiss.

Protecting Your Financial Future is a great read. It isn’t your “stuffy financial book.” Lee and Kristy lay the law down in plain terms anyone can understand. The first version of Protecting Your Financial Future was entitled Trust Me. It was a Time-Warner Book-of-the-Month Club Book, which means every book club should read it. It is also one of the few books that carry the Certified Financial Planner’s logo, showing it is approved for continuing education for CFPs. It’s technical, but readable. That’s a winning combination.

From the Authors:

Protecting Your Financial Future transfers our most specialized money making and asset protection tips to you. These are the details, tips and strategies we’ve learned in over 30 years of watching the inside workings of the rich and reviewing untold legal documents prepared by others. You couldn’t learn it in law school and it’s not in the form books or down at the library. But we share a treasure trove of these techniques with you here.

Legal Loopholes: Yes, these are the legal loopholes our wealthiest clients have paid us thousands to research and implement for them. We’re on a mission to give everyone the opportunity to use the law to make money and protect their hard-earned assets. We’ve given thousands of asset protection / money making seminars throughout the world to more than a million people. Doctors, engineers, architects, small business owners, and even lawyers have collectively paid millions of dollars to attend our seminars. Every family needs more money, and Protecting Your Financial Future shows them the easiest way possible to use the law to protect assets, save taxes, and avoid expensive estate transfers. Thousands have used it to build their financial foundation, and we would like to help you understand how to utilize these techniques as well.



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