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Wholesale Microsoft windows 7 ultimate Software,Accept Paypal

Windows Seven prominent characteristics of Windows More simple,More safety:Better connect,Lower cost,Windows and performance improvement.

Manufacturer - Chinese manufacturer
Model # - Microsoft windows 7 ultimate Software
Submitted By - veorder (Manufacturer, Wholesaler)
Country - United States
Category - Computers : Computer : Software

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Seven prominent characteristics of Windows
More simple: Windows 7 will make search and use the information more simple, including local and network and Internet search function, intuitive user experience will be more advanced, will integrate automation applications submitted and crossover procedure data transparency.

More safety: Windows 7 will include improved security and function, and also the legitimacy data protection and management to expand peripherals. Windows and will improve the calculation scheme based on character and user account management, the data protection and strong coordination between the intrinsic conflict communication bridge, also can open an enterprise data protection and access permissions.

Better connect: Windows and further enhance the ability to move work, no matter when, where, any equipment can access data and applications, open special cooperation experience, strong wireless connectivity, management and safety features will be extended. Performance and the function and the emerging mobile hardware will get optimization, equipment, management and data protection will be expanding. Finally, Windows7 will bring flexible computing infrastructure, including fat, thin, network model.

Lower cost: Windows 7 will help enterprise optimize their desktop infrastructure, seamless operating systems, applications and data, and the function of the PC and upgrade, simplified further toward full application update and patch. 7 will also include improved Windows software and hardware of experience, and will expand virtualization of Windows help and PC own professional solution to IT.

Windows and performance improvement

The task bar: the Window and canceled the original quick start column. Also cancelled before each version of Windows in the task bar display applications running name and picture, instead of the subject is no label, similar to the original large ICONS in quick start the picture toolbar, enlarge version subject user can drag icon, and can be customized in documents and applications, fast switching. Right-click the icon will display the recent program files and key functions. Windows and allows users to set applications ICONS displayed in the taskbar docked column (taskbar icon, or lower) will be easily in the field and remind each task bar in drag. The task bar also not only display running applications, can also include equipment icon. For example, if the digital camera and PC connected, the task bar will be shown, click the icon to digital cameras can pull icon external devices.

The start menu: Windows 7 "start" menu "program" to a previous lack of flexibility, but according to the arrangement of frequency and use time, according to the "common" program and the procedures used to "recently."

Warning: Windows system user can set up 7, to reduce the excessive remind, warning or pop-up Windows.

Network interconnection: Windows 7 can be more intuitively and family to join in the wireless network, wireless network between family and printer sharing files with greater ease.

File management: Windows operating system "7" (intelligence library subscription-based) can be from the PC, mobile hard disk and other network PC collect pictures of similar attributes files, and put together.

Touch control: Windows and interface touch control, but more support only small TouchSmart HP products, such as Latitude and dell laptop computers, XT support more touching.

User account control panel in the Windows of the 7: user account control panel, increase the two remind, without the user clicks agreed to install software or changing circumstances, or simply remind setup in change Settings when remind. This function can protect system from have potential threat software. This function exist in Windows "solution center" new "control panel", "solutions" to replace the Vista of the center of "safety center".

Microsoft says the compatibility: the bottom, so few programs or equipment will be on Windows in the incompatibility of July.

Windows and system requirements

Microprocessor: 1 GHz 32-bit or 64bit microprocessor [reference.

Memory: 1 GB system memory reference [.

16 GB hard disk space is available reference [.

Display: support the 128 MB chart 9 DirectX explicit memory (supports Windows Aero) the reference.

Other: dvd-r/W type drive networking the reference.

Resource manager preview panel, click the icon to search box below

Shutdown Windows 7: no change of function, but use button and text instead of ICONS, easy cause ambiguity and want to define words just open the task bar and the start menu properties dialog box.

Window side: hold the window title screen edge again dragged it.would window will be on the other side of the screen, occupy the half of it.

User account control (UAC) : Windows and made perfect, on the one hand, the humanized focus on the potential security threats third-party software, on the other hand also allows the user to resize the warning frequency.

A defragment: Windows and still not colorful line, but will give a detailed report of the state, including disk partition, debris, finishing progress etc, still can choose


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