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Cabinet flip down tv

The LUXURITE Cabinet flip down tv is an important member of the family of your kitchen appliances.

Manufacturer - luxurite uk ltd
Model # - FLV15
Submitted By - luxurite uk limited (Marketer, Producer)
Country - England
Category - Business

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kitchen tv1 :   15"
kitchen tv2 :   17"
kitchen tv3 :   19"
kitchen tv4 :   22"


kitchen Flip Down TV Watch Your Favorite Shows in Every Room of the House
Luxurite Flip Down kitchen TV is a high-end audio visual product that’s designed dedicatedly for outdoor all weather environment performance.Flip Down TV size: 15 inch. LUXURITE flip down TV were well-known brands in the United Kingdom, the US, The United States, Canada, Australia, India and New Zealand.

First came cell phones so you could speak to your friends and family no matter where you were. Then came the MP3 player so you could listen to your favorite tunes no matter where you were without having to carry around a bulky CD player. Now we have the flip down TV – the brand new device that could allow you to watch TV even when you are in the bath! The flip down TV is literally what its name implies – a TV that literally flips down. Although the logistics of this creates all sorts of questions, the information outlined below will provide you with a comprehensive introduction to the new way to watch TV.
Flip Down TV
First of all, what is a flip down TV?
The flip down TV is a screen that measures either 15″ and is attached to a central console, which anchors it to a flat surface. It is designed to be attached to the underside of a stable surface, such as a ceiling or a fixture to ensure that the TV is completely secure and will not fall down on you. Attaching it is relatively easy for anyone with even the slightest DIY experience, but that is not all the console is good for. The console could also include a DVD or CD mechanism that allows you to listen to music or watch a DVD via your flip down TV. As such, it increases your entertainment options exponentially.
Needless to say, the flip down TV is lightweight and offers good quality in terms of picture, sound and color. However, it also offers a degree of flexibility that you do not have with a regular TV. Most of the models available come complete with a remote so you can change channel or watch a DVD from some feet away so it is flexible in that way, but the most surprising feature provides the reason why the flip down TV is perfect for every room in the home – it has a 270 degree adjustable screen. This means that the screen can be moved or tilted to accommodate you. If the sun is shining on the screen, move it. If you are cooking in a certain area of the kitchen and cannot see the flip down TV screen, move it. If you are moving to another area of the room to do another task, move it. That flexibility is simply awesome.


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