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DreamSkin Anti-Aging Beauty Pillowcase

The DreamSkin™ Beauty Pillowcase, made with the patented JuveTex rejuvenating fabric, is designed to moisturize the skin while eliminating sleep wrinkles and fine lines. The extra retained moisture helps to rebuild the collagen in your skin.

Manufacturer - CAH, Inc.
Model # - DSP
Submitted By - DreamSkin Pillowcase (Manufacturer, Distributor)
Country - United States
Category - Beauty : Anti Aging : Wrinkle Treatment

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Product Type :   Luxury Pillowcase
Color :   White
Thread Count :   22,000 micro-filaments per inch
Size :   Standard/Queen
Wash :   Machine Wash


The DreamSkin™ Beauty Pillowcase, made with the patented JuveTex rejuvenating fabric, is designed to eliminate sleep wrinkles and fine lines while rebuilding the collagen in your skin. Regardless of the brand of skin care product used, everyone concerned about their skin will benefit from DreamSkin™ pillowcases.

The new JuveTex rejuvenating fabric is a revolutionary scientific discovery made by recognized skin physiologist Peter T. Pugliese, MD. The JuveTex fabric is so intelligent, it actually moisturizes your skin and hair naturally without chemicals…while you sleep! Look younger tomorrow morning!

You too can benefit from using the DreamSkin Beauty Pillowcase:

Reduce Wrinkles and Sleep Lines

* Diminish sleep lines and wrinkles on your face by 51%!
* Greatly reduce moisture loss and sleep lines – the top 2 causes of skin wrinkles. Three clinical studies prove that sleep lines eventually turn into facial wrinkles.
* Creams only moisturize your skin for 2-3 hours – DreamSkin does all night!
* Rejuvenate your skin naturally and without the hassle of messy creams. DreamSkin acts like an anti-aging cream while you sleep

Rejuvenate Your Hair

* Reduce hair breakage and eliminate tangles and “bed head”
* Maintains beautiful hair and works for all hair types and textures
* Provides a natural moisture balance for your hair
* Excellent for preserving your hairstyle and maintaining hair weaves and extensions

Keep Your Face Moisturized

* Night time is the most crucial time to hydrate your skin and hair. More than twice as much water is lost at night than during the day
* In 12 months, your face loses approximately 3 gallons of water while you sleep
* Lack of moisture is one of the leading causes of sleep lines and wrinkles

Extremely Comfortable Rejuvenating Juvetex Fabric

* Revolutionary, luxurious fabric with over 22,000 micro-filaments per square inch
* Provides a cushioning action that will not cause pressure on your delicate facial skin
* Created with ultimate softness, extraordinary comfort and moisture technology in mind
* JuveTex™ retains more water than cotton and prevents moisture from going through the fiber
* No chemicals in the unique JuveTex™ textile and the moisturizing capabilities are permanently built right into the threads.
* Continue to use your favorite night cream…DreamSkin will keep it in your skin.

Physician Approved

* Fabric formulated by internationally recognized skin physiologist Peter T. Pugliese, MD
* JuveTex is the world’s first and only authentic physician formulated anti-aging fabric
* Previously only available to physicians, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and estheticians

More Effective Than Satin or Silk Pillowcases

* Cotton, silk, charmeuse, and satin pillowcases drain moisture from your skin and hair, leave them dry, and cause sleep lines and wrinkles on the face.
* In a clinical comparison of cotton and JuveTex, the DreamSkin Pillowcase retained more water and prevented more moisture from going through the fiber.
* The 60′s called and want their old fashioned satin, silk and cotton pillowcases back!

It’s Simple and Quick!

* Prevent sleep lines and eliminate wrinkles, all while you sleep!
* Just change your pillowcase!
* Look YEARS younger tomorrow morning!

The DreamSkin Beauty Pillowcase is not sold in stores!


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