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Agarwood oil ( Oud, oudh,Eaglewood,Aloewood oil,Gaharu,jinkoh oil)

Sai Export India are a very large Company Of Essential oil. Agarwood oil are manufactured by Sai export india in Assam State we have three distillation plant of agarwood oil and chips. This 100% pure and natural products . Thanks

Manufacturer - Sai Export India
Model # - A/S001
SKU - A/001
Submitted By - Sai Export India (Manufacturer, Wholesaler)
Country - India
Category - Skin Care : Essential Oil : Oud Oil

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Aquilaria :   Agallocha
App--- :   Brown semi solid
Odor-- :   Aromatic fresh
Flash point- :   170 Degree
Boiling poin :   95 deg
Freezing point :   22 deg
100% pure :   Certified
Natural :   organic
oud :   oudh


Dear sir,
Sai Export India are manufactures of Some kinds of Essential oil, Rose oil, Kewda oil, Absolute Scente & Oriental perfumes novelties natural with lowest prices as under.
1.Motiya (jasmine Sandali)--$2000/Kg.(American dollars)
2.Vetivert Oil--$90/Kg
3.Aqalaria Oil-$300/Kg.
4.Cypriol Oil-$150/Kg.
4-Cederwood oil-$12/kg.
5.Sugandh Mantri Oil-$350/Kg.
6.Jatmansi Oil-$250/Kg.
7.Egale Wood Oil-$500/Kg.
8.Rose wood Oil-$85/Kg.
9.Rose SPL-$50/kg.
10.Rose Oil-$7000/Kg.
11.Rose de Mai-$600/Kg.
12.Amber Supper-300/Kg.
13.Amber Oil-$75/Kg.
14.Citronella Oil-$40/Kg.
15.Patchouli Oil Indo-$50/Kg.
16.Bosweriya Oil-$250/Kg.
17.Kasturi Oil-$160/Kg.
18.Floral Kasturi Oil-$160/Kg.
18.Attar Ruhel wardh-$500/Kg.
19.Amber Cheap-90/Kg.
20.Bela(Mogara)Natural---$90/ Kg.
21.Ruh Mogara-$170/Kg.
22.Ruh Zaffran Natural--$450/Kg.
23.Shamama Amber--$350/Kg.
24.Shamama Oudhi--$400/Kg.
25.Shamama SPL--$550/Kg.
26.Ruh Shamama Natural--$475/Kg.
27.Musk Hina--$150/Kg.
28.Kasturi(Musk Nafa)Natural--$450/Kg.
29.White Musk Natural--$90/Kg.
30.Black Musk--$90/Kg.
31.Yellow Musk--$85/Kg.
32.Mukhallat SPL--$80/Kg.
33.Basil Oil (sweet)--$120/Kg.
34.Basil Oil(sweet Organic)--$172/Kg.
35.Chamomile Oil Roman--$500/Kg.
36.Chamomile Oil German--$538/Kg.
37.Neroli Oil--$100/Kg.
40.Sandal Wood Oil (East Indian)--$1475/Kg.
41.dahan-al Oud (Assam)--$250(11gram) Tola
42." " Turbi--$90(12gram) Tola.
43." " Imphal--$300(12gram)Tola.
44." " Hindi Khalis--$240(12gram)Tola.
45." " Boya(Freed)--$40(12gram) Tola.
56." " Khadha(Stand)--$160( 12gram)Tola.
47." " Baitha(Down)--$120( 12gram)Tola.
48." " Amri(Rich)--$250( 12gram)Tola.

49." " Kambodiya--$200( 12gram)Tola.
50." " Supper--$20( 12gram)Tola.
And Chips are available to $1000/Kg. To $4000/Kg.
51.Jasmine for Cadle,Soap--$100/Kg.
52.Tuberose for Cadle,Soap,Perfume--$120/ Kg.
53.Frangipeni for Cadle,Soap,perfumrs--$1000 /Kg.
54.Safrron Absolute--$500/Kg.
56.Geranium Oil 100%pure & Natural--$80/Kg.
57.Honeysuckle Absolute--$190/Kg.
58.Gardenia Absolute--$250/Kg.
59.Frangipeni Absolute--$3777/Kg.
60.Vetiver Absolute--$175/Kg.
61.Myrrh Absolute--$150/Kg.
62.Cardamom Oil--$132/Kg.
63.Carrol Seed Oil--$130/Kg.
64.Calamus Oil--$55/Kg.
65.Black Papper Oil--$118/Kg.
66.Cuminn Seed Oil--$66/Kg.
67.Ginger Oil--$118/Kg.
68.Fennal Seed Oil--$64/Kg.
69.Clove leaf Oil--$8/Kg.
70.Celery Seed Oil---$55/Kg.
71.Cinnmon Oil---$28/Kg.
72.Lemon Grass Oil--$15/Kg.
73.Dill Seed Oil--$36/Kg.
74.Ajowain Oil--$15/Kg.
75.Almond Oil--$15/Kg.
76.Belsam Peru Oil--$60/Kg.
77-Lotus oil--$2000/kg.
78-Lavender oil--$70/kg.
79-Calendula(marigold) oil--$200/kg.
80-Kewra oil (Udisha)- $5550/kg.
81-Citronell (Java)--$15/kg.
Packing - 100grame,250grame,500 GRAME,1 Kg., 5Kg, Alluminium Bottles Nicely Packed in Box.
Best Regards,
mobile- +91- 9307996765


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