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Laptop batteries for TOSHIBA PA3399U-1BAS

Brand new, never refurbished, factory direct price, compatible, No memory effect. Hi-Quality garantee, CE, UL international standards and ISO 9001 9002 certification. Fast shipping. Full 12 months warranty! 30 Days money back!

Manufacturer -
Model # - TOSHIBA PA3399U-1BAS battery
Submitted By - wwwebatterycomau (Provider)
Country - Australia
Category - Electronics : Battery : Laptop Battery

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Battery Type :   Li-ion
Volt :   10.8V
Capacity :   4400mAh/6600mAh/8800mAh
Color :   black
Dimensions :   206.50x45.00x20.30mm
Provider :
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Functions of TOSHIBA PA3399U 1BAS Laptop battery

We provide TOSHIBA PA3399U 1BAS Laptop battery. It is replacement for your Laptop batteries with high quality. The TOSHIBA PA3399U 1BAS Laptop battery is designed to be manufacturer compatible with TOSHIBA part numbers or models.

10 Tips To Increase The Battery Life Of Your Laptop

Do you have a laptop? Do you know how much about your laptop? And Do you know how to increase the battery life of your laptop? Please see follows:

1. Defragmentation:
Having defragmented at regular intervals and making their data available in a more systematic order that makes the work less hard disk to access any of the data. The faster and the transfer of the hard drive, the less burden on the battery and helps your replacement laptop batteries last longer.

2. Reduce Processes:
Try to reduce background processes that are not needed. Also check the resolution of the monitor, Dell laptop battery pack for this is access with the help of Windows Task Manager (in Windows). Make sure if you are not using Internet, it is safe to leave programs running in the taskbar like antivirus and / or firewall. No need to remove the programs that run during the creation of companies with the launch of the system configuration Run – Msconfig – Startup tab. Uncheck the programs that are not needed to start and restart the computer.

3. Apply for Time Being Scheduled Tasks:
Programs such as defragmentation or a virus scan should be scheduled for a time when you’re near an outlet.

4. Disconnect external devices when not required:
USB external devices are the major extraction of energy from the Dell replacement laptop batteries. Try unplugging external devices like external mouse, PC cards, Wi-Fi, external speakers, Bluetooth, pen drives, HDD portable and the iPod.

5. CD / DVD must be empty:
Try to keep the DVD-CD Rom empty when not required. Also do not leave the CD / DVD inside the units.

6. The use of local devices:
Avoid using the plugin DVD-ROM / external drives usually run on batteries. You can transfer content to hard disk or you can also run virtual drives, like Pismo File Mount, Alchohol 120%, Daemon tools or even Microsoft Virtual CD ROM control panel HP Laptop AC Adapter.

7. Check the resolution:
The display types laucnhed new laptop is another medium of SONY Laptop Battery Pack power sink. Reduce the brightness to the appropriate level at which you can tolerate the vision with the help of hot keys or using the display settings in Control Panel.

8. Unwanted sounds:
Try to mute the speaker volume and avoid the use of multimedia software to improve HP Laptop Adapter life. In addition, you can avoid sound schemes that are installed which can reduce battery life.

9. Avoid putting very colorful Themes:
programmed the latest operating system like Windows Vista and Windows 7 come along with generic features such as Aero Glass, “which are user resources. You can be deactivated and can be moved to ‘classic look that consume less energy. In Windows Vista / Win 7, click the Desktop and then Preferences and then View Color and Appearance and then, following classic look and the basic Windows GUI. In Windows XP, right click and select Properties, then Display Properties and then select Theme and Windows Classic.

10. Power Options:
You can check the power management energy options available in Control Panel. Both Windows XP, Windows Vista operating system and Windows 7 management has advanced power features that helps you turn off components such as monitor or hard disk for a specific time being. It is also dependent on the selected “layout” for Windows XP operating system in the same window. For example, in Windows XP operating system, you can go to “Power Schemes below order to the maximum battery to select the maximum optimization of the Laptop Battery Charger.


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