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TOSHIBA PA3191U-1BAS Laptop Battery

welcome buy TOSHIBA PA3191U-1BAS Laptop Battery at toppower. you can save up to 35%.

Manufacturer - toppower
Model # - NTB021
SKU - NTB021
Submitted By - (Manufacturer, Manufacturer)
Country - England
Category - Electronics : Laptop Accessories : Battery

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Product Name :   TOSHIBA PA3191U-1BAS Laptop Battery
Battery Code :   NTB021
Product type :   Li-ion
Volts :   10.8 V
Capacity :   4400 mAh
Dimensions :   126.45x69.67x20.20 mm
Color :   Black
Our Price :   UK £42.00 (inc VAT)


TOSHIBA PA3191U-1BAS Laptop Battery
TOSHIBA PA3191U-1BAS, PA3191U-1BRS, PA3191U-4BRS, PA3128U-1BRS Battery
Battery Code : NTB021
Product type: Li-ion
Volts: 10.8 V
Capacity: 4400 mAh
Dimensions: 126.45x69.67x20.20 mm
Color: Black
products weight: 405.41 g
RRP: UK £54.60
Our Price: UK £42.00 (inc VAT)
You save: £ 12.6
Brand new with 1 year warranty!

This Laptop Battery can replace the following part numbers:

PA3128U-1BRS PA3191-2BAS PA3191U-1BAS
PA3191U-1BRS PA3191U-2BRS PA3191U-3BAS
PA3191U-3BRS PA3191U-4BAS PA3191U-4BRS
PA3191U-5BAS PA3191U-5BRS

This Laptop Battery is also compatible with the following models:

Portege M200-S218TD Portege M200-S838 Portege M205
Portege M205-S809 Portege M205-S810 Portege M400-S4034
Portege M700-139 Portege M700-13A Portege M700-13P
Portege M700-S7003V Tablet PC Portege M700-S7003X Tablet PC Portege M700-S7004V Tablet PC
Portege M700-S7004X Tablet PC Portege M700-S7005V Tablet PC Portege M700-S7005X Tablet PC
Portege M700-S7043V Tablet PC Portege M700-S7043X Tablet PC Portege M700-S7044V Tablet PC
Portege M700-S7044X Tablet PC Portege M750-109 Portege M750-10J
Portege M750-10K Portege M750-10L Portege M750-S720
Portege M750-S7201 Portege M750-S7211 Portege M750-S7212
Portege M750-S7213 Portege M750-S7241 Portege M750-S7242
Portege M750-S7243 Portege M750-ST7258 Portege M780-S7210
Portege M780-S7220 Satellite R10 Satellite R10-101 Tablet PC
Satellite R15 Tecra M4-107 Tecra TE2100
Portege M200-102 Portege M200-122 Portege M200-152
Portege M400 Series Tablet PC Portege M400-EZ5031 Tablet PC Portege M400-S4031 Tablet PC
Portege M400-S4032 Tablet PC Portege M400-S5032 Tablet PC Portege M400-S5032X Tablet PC
Portege M400-S933 Tablet PC Portege M400-ST4001 Tablet PC Portege M400-ST4035
Portege M400-ST9113 Tablet PC Portege M405 Series Portege M405-S8003
Portege M700 Series Tablet PC Portege M700-S7001X Tablet PC Portege M700-S7002 Tablet PC
Portege M700-S7008 Tablet PC Portege M700-S7008X Tablet PC Portege M200
Satellite Pro 6050 Satellite R20 Series Satellite R20-ST4113
Satellite R25 Series Satellite R25-S3503 Satellite R25-S3513
Satellite Pro 6000 Series Satellite Pro 6100 Series Tecra M4-103
Tecra M4-S115TD Tecra M4-S435 Tecra M7 Series
Tecra M7-118 Tecra M7-S7311 Tecra M7-S7331
Tecra M7-ST4013 Tecra M4 Tecra TE2000


• 100% new high quality Rechargeable PA3191U-1BAS, PA3191U-1BRS, PA3191U-4BRS, PA3128U-1BRS Li-ion battery
• Replacement PA3128U-1BRS, PA3191-2BAS, PA3191U-1BAS Battery for TOSHIBA Portege M200, Portege M200-102, Portege M200-122, Portege M200-152 Laptop .
• Full 1 year warranty.15 day money back guarantee!
• 100% QC of EVERY TOSHIBA PA3191U-1BAS, PA3191U-1BRS, PA3191U-4BRS, PA3128U-1BRS Battery.
• Replacement laptop batteries which are as good or often better than the originals.
• We are UK leading replacements of laptop batteries, camcorder batteries, power tools batteries, laptop ac adapters, laptop dc adapters, camera batteries, battery chargers distributor & wholesaler.
• We accept credit card payment through WorldPay or PayPal payment system.
• We also accept Personal Cheque, Money Order and Bank Transfer, but Credit terms are not available.

If any questions , all phone calls and e-mails are welcome
Tel:0177 2454 688
e-mail address :
Thank you for spending your valuable time to read my post , enjoy your shopping at toppower


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