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Pre-Fenz Botanicals Hand Sanitizer

Protects against bacteria & germs. Active for 24 hours and up to 10 hand-washings. Non-Toxic, kid & family friendly, softens hands, safe, Green Product, Kills MRSA, Alcohol Free, Smoothes, Softens!

Manufacturer - Pre-Fenz Botanicals, LLC
Model # - DSC_0104
SKU - 788581015025
Submitted By - Dolphin Rose Music & Media Worldwide (Marketer, Agent)
Country - United States
Category - Health : Disease Prevention : Health Maintenance

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Formulation: :   Alcohol Free & Non-Toxic
Duration: :   Lasts 24 Hours or 10 Hand Washings
Protection: :   Protects against Bacteria & Germs
Value: :   1.5 oz bottle lasts for 110 days
Scent: :   Light Citrus scent
Benefit: :   Silica Complex moisturizes hands


Pre-Fenz Botanicals is making International Headlines with it's innovative protective: "One Spray Lasts All Day" Green technology that protects both children & adults safely. One spray protects everyone during everyday activities, travel and any other activity where exposure to people & situations one could potentially encounter germs is possible. After a scientific study at Iowa State was conducted successfully, the media at large took notice and Pre-Fenz began breaking down the barriers created by the "Goliath's" of the industry. Whereas the alcohol based competitors require a minimum of 17 applications per day in order to protect and carry toxicity, Pre-Fenz requires only one spray per day minus the toxicity and is not only healthier for children, another key factor is it's safety. Alcohol based products being used in school and other enclosed environments are flammable and can cause harm when deployed improperly while Pre-Fenz is completely safe, non-toxic and non-flammable, e.g. safe for schools, hospitals, retirement communities, health clubs, any facility that can house our space-saving Green product dispensers.
Pre-Fenz Botanicals has been so easy to use and low maintenance to use that the product is being used by the Iowa Hawkeye Football team (who's incidence of Influenza dropped by 400% last year when using Pre-Fenz that their announcers personally endorsed it without an endorsement deal they found it so effective. Disney was so impressed with Pre-Fenz that they agreed to join Pre-Fenz Botanicals at this year's Taste of Chicago and collaborated to spread the word by handing out over 2,500 bottles who were lucky enough to have attended the festival that day.
Pre-Fenz is also charitable: They were asked by a major Co-Op to donate several gallons to assist the victims of Haiti during their plight after their great tragedy and Founder Aaron Powers didn't even hesitate to honor the request to contribute to the prevention of further disease from spreading in Haiti.


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