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Replacement for Sharp BT-H21, BT-H22, BT-H22U Camcorder Battery

welcome buy Replacement for Sharp BT-H21, BT-H22, BT-H22U Camcorder Battery at camcorderbatterypack,save up to 35%

Manufacturer - camcorderbatterpack
Model # - VSH004
SKU - VSH004
Submitted By - (Manufacturer, Manufacturer)
Country - England
Category - Digital Camera : Battery

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Product Name :   Replacement for Sharp BT-H21 Camcorder Battery
Product ID :   VSH004
Type :   Ni-MH
Voltage :   3.6V
Capacity :   2700mAh
Dimension :   56.00x53.50x19.00 mm
Colour :   Dark grey
Our Price :   £ 11.97


The Sharp Camcorder Battery
Product ID: VSH004
Type: Ni-MH
Voltage: 3.6V
Capacity: 2700mAh
Dimension: 56.00x53.50x19.00 mm
Colour: Dark grey
Conditions: Brand New with 1 Year Warranty !

Our Price: £ 11.97

Please ensure the sharp camcorder battery that you are going to buy fits the brand, model and part number of your device.

This camcorder battery can replace the following part numbers:

BT-H21, BT-H22, BT-H22U.
This camcorder battery is compatible with the following models:

VL-A10, VL-A10E, VL-A10H, VL-A10S, VL-A10U, VL-A110U,
VL-A111, VL-A111H, VL-A111S, VL-A111U, VL-A40U, VL-A45U,
VL-AD200U, VL-AD260U, VL-AH130U, VL-AH131, VL-AH131E,
VL-AH131H, VL-AH131S, VL-AH131U, VL-AH1500, VL-AH150U,
VL-AH151, VL-AH1510, VL-AH151H, VL-AH151S, VL-AH151U,
VL-AH160U, VL-AH161U, VL-AH30, VL-AH30H, VL-AH30U, VL-AH50,
VL-AH500U, VL-AH50E, VL-AH50H, VL-AH50S, VL-AH50U,
VL-AH60U, VL-E307, VL-E33U, VL-E46U, VL-E600U, VL-E610,
VL-E610H, VL-E610S, VL-E610U, VL-E620, VL-E620S, VL-E620U,
VL-E630, VL-E630H, VL-E630S, VL-E630U, VL-E650U, VL-E66,
VL-E660, VL-E660S, VL-E660U, VL-E665U, VL-E66H, VL-E66S,
VL-E66U, VL-E680, VL-E680H, VL-E680S, VL-E680U, VL-E685U,
VL-E700U, VL-E720, VL-E720H, VL-E720U, VL-E750U, VL-E760,
VL-E760H, VL-E760U, VL-E765U, VL-E77U, VL-E780, VL-E780H,
VL-E780S, VL-E780U, VL-E785U, VL-E96E, VL-E97E, VL-E980E,
VL-E98E, VL-H770, VL-H770S, VL-H800U, VL-H850, VL-H850S,
VL-H850U, VL-L65U, VL-S1H, VL-SE10, VL-SE10H, VL-SE10U,
VL-SE20U, VL-SE50U, VL-SW50, VL-SW50E, VL-SW50U,


*** If you need a part for your model that is not listed above, please email us at or call our Tel: 01772 454688


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