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Three Phase electric prepayment meter

I. Main functions a.Accurate measurement b.Prepayment c.IC card function d.Alarm power cut

Manufacturer - Shenzhen Jiumao Metering Co., LTD
Model # - DTSY1998
Submitted By - Shenzhen Jiumao Metering Co., LTD (Manufacturer, Manufacturer)
Country - China
Category - Energy : Electric Meter

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Active Energy :   1.0
Reactive Energy :   2.0
IEC Standard :   IEC62052-21


Three-phase three-wire/ three-phase four-wire electric prepayment meter, which is designed by adopting energy measuring chip and micro-controller as the core part, can realize high degree of accuracy for energy accounting, energy data’s processing and display, and communication with IC card as well as load electricity consumption. It is for measuring 50Hz rated frequency three-phase active energy and is ideal meter for commercializing electricity that the customers can pay money to buy electricity and then consume the prepaid electricity, which complies with the the principle of prepayment electricity consumption’s management and load-control. This type of meter adopts logic encrypted IC card as purchase IC card with higher encrypted rank for one card per meter, which is with register to measure electricity consumption and LCD to display other parameters to improve its reliability, and with RS485 communication interface to realize romote data transmission.
This meter is with accurate measurement, lower power dissipation, long life cycle, strong capability of over-load and anti-interference, and long-termed working reliability. All the property features of this meter comply with the related technical requirements in GB/T17215-2002, GB/T1846.3-2001, DL/T645-1997 and DL/T645-1997, etc.
II. Main functions
a. Accurate measurement: be able to accurately measure forward and reverse bidirectional active energy, when occurred reverse energy, it will accumulate as forward energy.
b. Prepayment: customers can buy electricity through IC card and consume the electricity, which eliminates the phenomenon of arrear and is favorable to debt-collecton. It is with function of energy to be superimposed and recorded, and deduction of “energy below zero”
c. IC card function: be able to preplace electricity amount, set maximum load and alarming electricity amount, and limited amount of maximum purchase electricity, use the IC car to deliver the data information, realize data’s read back and maximum save cost of management.
d. Alarm power cut: when remained available electricity amount is less pre-set alarm value, LCD will display remained electricity amount and alarm light flashes to remind customer to purchase. When remained electricity is less tha pre-disconnected electricity amount, meter can cut off electricity automatically, only after customer recharges to meter, it can be connected again.
e. Credit function: when remained electricity amount is zero, the meter can cut off electricity automatically, at that time customer can insert IC card to connect; But, after the credit electricity amount is completed, the meter will cut off electricity again, only when customer purchases again, the meter will connect.
f. Load-control: Power supply bureau can set limited load through management software, when customer inserts IC card to deliver the electricity amount to meter, limited load control value can be delivered to meter too. When total load is over limited load’s 15%~20% and keeps for T second, meter will disconnect automatically. LCD displays the current load value to remind customer to reduce the load. After meter disconnected for T second, meter wil automatically reconnect and also customer can insert IC card to recover power supply.
g. Phase failure indication: meter is with three phase-failure indicatiors. When one voltage occurred phase failure, the phase’s indicator will flash. When three-phase voltage normally power on, three indicators will not flash.
h. Anti-tamper: be able to prevent from reverse wire-connection, adding magnet, the situation that input and output wires are short-circuited, and leaning installation, etc.
i. Communication function: with RS485 and infrared communication function(optional).

III. Main features
a. High accuracy: with full electronic design, import specialized energy-metering chip, high sensitivity, exact measurement; accuracy is not influenced by frequency, temperature, voltage and high harmonics. The complete meter does not need to be calibrated again after leaving factory.
b. High quality: Adopt SMT manufacturing processes and select international well-known brands, long life-cycle components to make sure the stable quality.
c. Lower power dissipation: the most optimized design to make power dissipaton be less than 3.0W. When used under wide range, the meter can reduce the power grid dissipaton and also improve effeciency of power supply.
d. Stable running: With good capability of anti-interference, strong capability of over-load and wide operating voltage,etc. All of these features can ensure higher stablity.
e. Data display: Register records total electricity amount and LCD displays other electricity parameters clearly and brightly to improve reliability of product.
f. Contactor: With internal magnetic latching relay or external connected relay to ensure control safety.
g. Software compatibility: Single phase and three-phase prepayment meter can share the same vending management system.
h. Strong security: Adopts logic encrypted IC card to carry out data communication and ensure one card per meter, which is with strong security.


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