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Key2SafeDriving™ includes software and hardware components, which when combined, provide a way to monitor and regulate mobile phone activity while driving. Key2SafeDriving prevents texting and calling while driving except for emergency numbers.

Manufacturer - Safe Driving Systems, LLC
Model # - K2AC10
Submitted By - Business Growth Platform, LLC (Marketer, Broker)
Country - United States
Category - Mobile Phone Jammer

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Safe Driving Systems, LLC and Business Growth Platform, LLC announce launch of Key2SafeDriving™ Web Affiliate Program – July 10, 2010

Safe Driving Systems today announced the availability of their flagship product, Key2SafeDriving™ to web marketers through the Key2SafeDriving™ affiliate program. Safe Driving Systems has partnered with The Business Growth Platform to develop, market, and manage their web marketing program beginning today. Safe Driving Systems and Business Growth Platform are currently seeking super affiliates, web bloggers, marketers and advertisers to promote awareness of this deadly issue and the solution through proven ad and marketing techniques. The two tier program offers the ability to earn commissions from direct sales and from additional marketers added to the primary ID of the affiliate. Tracking and reporting will be performed and marketing materials provided.

Key2SafeDriving™ is a patent pending, customizable technology that eliminates distracted driving from cell phone use by rerouting calls and text messages when the user is driving.

“Our primary focus with Key2SafeDriving™ is saving lives, plain and simple, said Mike Fahnert, Safe Driving Systems CEO. By removing the distraction of cell phone calls and text messaging while driving, our technology provides the peace of mind and industry compliance that both parents and business owners need.”

Here's how it works:
Once installed, as soon as the car is started, the Key2SafeDriving™ Activator places the phone is “Safe Driving Mode” by preventing calling or texting while behind the wheel. Emergency calls to 911 or two pre-programmed numbers are always allowed, and the driver can be permitted to use a hands free Bluetooth device for outgoing calls.

The Key2SafeDriving™ system routes calls and texts to voicemail while driving. It prevents outgoing calls and texts to all phone numbers except 911 and two pre-programmed numbers of your choice (such as a spouse or parents.)

Safe Driving System's flagship product, Key2SafeDriving™, is an easy to install, cost effective, profile-driven system for limiting cell phone usage while driving. Key2SafeDriving™ reroutes calls and texts sent to the driver directly to voice mail and sends an automated text message response saying that the driver will call back or text when they have safely reached their destination. Also built in for safety and accountability is a tell-tell feature that lets the parent or administrator know if the device has been tampered with or an attempt made to disable the software.

Our number one goal is to help save lives by empowering parents, families, and fleet managers with tools to eliminate cell phones as a driving distraction, giving them peace-of-mind when their teenagers and employees are behind the wheel.

• 16 people will be killed today...and tomorrow... and the next day in distracted driver collisions. That's 6,000 preventable deaths per year.
• The risk of you causing an accident goes up 400% if you are talking on the phone while you are driving. (Similar to driving intoxicated with a blood alcohol level of .08)*
• The risk of you causing an accident goes up 800% if you are texting on the phone while driving.*
• The National Safety Council estimates 25 percent of all crashes in 2008 involved cell phone use while driving accounting for 1.4 million crashes and 645,000 injuries that year.
For more detailed information about Key2SafeDriving™, call Martin Lee, 888-411-3451 x202 or visit

Business Growth Platform, LLC
3051 West Maple Loop Drive, Suite 300
Lehi, UT 84043

* Research provided by Dr. David Strayer, University of Utah.

You can view the product and enroll in the affiliate marketing program by visiting and completing a simple registration process. You can reach Business Growth Platform, LLC by calling 888-411-3451 or email


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