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hobi Ultrasonic Animal Alert

Warn wildlife of your approach with a hobi® Ultrasonic Animal Alert Minimize collisions with animals assuring their safety and yours. Internationally tested

Manufacturer - hobi
Model # - 95400
SKU - 064651954006
Submitted By - hobi animal alert (Wholesaler, Retailer)
Country - Canada
Category - Automotive : Accessories : Alarm

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frequency :   50 to 40,000 Hz
installation :   adhesive base or screws
volume :   100kmph 106 dB
range :   400 ft
tested :   internationally


Warn wildlife of your approach with a hobi® Ultrasonic Animal Alert

Road tested and proven effective, the hobi® Ultrasonic Animal Alert is the ultimate in highway safety and animal protection. Activated by wind flowing through it, at speeds over 50 km/h, the ultrasonic animal alert transmits a high frequency whistle which alerts most wildlife to your oncoming vehicle. Natural instinct takes over and deer, elk, moose and smaller animals react to the sound, and a potential collision is avoided.

NO damage to your car and NO harm to the animal. Latest testing was conducted by Mecaclub (, documenting animal reactions to the hobi® supporting earlier tests done by Joensuu University and the Ilomantsi Game Research Station which achieved positive results within hearing range of white-tailed deer, fallow deer, elk and forest reindeer and other animals. These tests support the findings of previous international tests.

Manufactured in Canada, the hobi® Ultrasonic Animal Alert is being used by organizations, including many police departments across the country. Equipping their vehicles with the hobi® Ultrasonic Animal Alert, saves them thousands of dollars in automotive damage and eliminates unnecessary injury and the consequent downtime caused by collisions with large animals.

There is no audio discomfort for people and animal passengers in the vehicle and the hobi® Ultrasonic Animal Alert is ready to mount with a self-adhesive base and has countersunk holes in the base for screw mounting if required. The entire assembly can be taken apart for easy cleaning. It’s that simple!

Annually over 87,000 crashes are reported involving large animals in Canada frequently resulting in fatalities to both humans and animals. The hobi® protects animals from unneccesary injuries and deaths on our roadways giving them a better chance for survival and safer driving for the motoring public.

French Insurance Companies offer the hobi® Ultrasonic Animal Alert as loyalty and new policy reward along with promotions on Mothers Day, Fathers Day and Earth Day to name a few.

Check out the hobi® Ultrasonic Animal Alert .


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