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Platinum Plus IBO

The benefits of becoming a Platinum Plus IBO-ID Secure net Plus; ID Theft Monitoring; Restoration: ID Theft Reimbursement Insurance: Family Legal Assistance; National Child ID; Roadside Asst.: Financial Services; Dental Benefits; Daily Pay; Websites

Manufacturer - AmeriPlan USA
Model # - $69.96
Submitted By - AmeriPlan (Owner)
Country - United States
Category - Business Opportunity : Home Based Jobs : Stay At Home Moms

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AmeriPlan began in 1992. In the early 90's, identical twin brothers Dennis and Daniel Bloom saw the need for a value-oriented discount fee-for-service dental program, and founded AmeriPlan Corporation. The business was an outgrowth of the demand for dental care services.

From the beginning, the demand for the services that AmeriPlan provides strengthened steadily. Soon Dennis and Daniel expanded their vision to include a broad array of high quality, affordable supplemental healthcare plans. To provide greater value to the consumer, they added prescription medication, vision, and chiropractic care to the program, at no additional charge.

Confident that they had assembled the right mix of programs, Dennis and Daniel looked for the most efficient and effective system for bringing them to the public. Through research, trial and error and perseverance, the brothers decided that by using the best features of the network marketing model, they could provide financial opportunity to thousands of people and bring these needed healthcare programs to the public.

AmeriPlan Corporation under the capable guidance of the Blooms and the staff of professionals that they have assembled, is now positioned as the nations' largest discount fee-for-service dental, vision, prescription and chiropractic program provider. The company has added medical programs to its lineup of services, including physician medical care, ancillary medical services, hospital advocacy and telemedicine. Most recently AmeriPlan has rolled out two new savings programs that focus on saving its members money in areas outside healthcare, such as family legal, financial (including credit repair and debt relief), ID theft protection, national child identification and roadside assistance services and everyday savings on things people use most, such as dining, automotive, recreation and shopping. AmeriPlan is truly living up to its mission of "Saving America... One Household at a Time."

My Official Title is Independent Business Owner, which is a pretty good description. I own and run my own business. But I don’t do it alone. I have a team of people I work with, and we always help each other out. And AmeriPlan® is a National company with 45 regional offices, so training and support are available year-round.

One of the best parts of this business is the flexibility. AmeriPlan® really understands that everyone would prefer to make their own schedule. Our team members are encouraged to work part-time or full-time, whatever fits best with their needs.

At Ameriplan, we offer you the opportunity to earn a living today while building towards a retirement for tomorrow!

Getting Paid! This is the good part… the part where we show you how you get paid!


There is no initial membership order required to become an IBO with AmeriPlan and create a Bonus Center in our FLEX Plan. For $49.95 per year, you receive your personalized APFlexPlus website, an online store to sell FreedomPass memberships, plus unlimited access to your APFLEX Back Office Management Support Center for 12 months.

Once you have completed your enrollment, you will be an Independent Business Owner (IBO) with AmeriPlan. This will create your FLEX Bonus Center (FBC) in order to generate our industry record-setting FLEX Bonuses. You can now begin building your business.

An IBO enrolled in the FLEX Plan maintains their Activation by:

* Buying or selling one FreedomPass Membership,
* Maintaining payment of the monthly $100 membership fee, and
* On the annual anniversary date of their enrollment, pay the annual enrollment fee.

Once the IBO becomes activated, he/she begins to accumulate BV generated by the downline FreedomPass memberships sold in their Left and Right Teams in order to earn FLEX bonuses. Every time a FreedomPass membership is purchased, 100 Bonus Volume points (100 BV) are generated up the FLEX Tree.

FBCs without the single membership bought or sold do not hold any BV past the end of the weekly pay period in which they were generated. Each FLEX Bonus pay period runs from 12:00 Midnight Central Time each Monday (Sunday night) through 11:59 p.m. Central Time the following Sunday. All membership fees must be paid online by some form of credit/debit card that is approved prior to midnight Sunday night in order to accumulate for FLEX Bonuses that week.
Bonus Volume (BV)

AmeriPlan’s FLEX Plan is built around the need of our FreedomPass memberships being used by households across America. In order to keep the memberships competitively priced to the American consumer and to ensure a profitable residual direct commissions for our IBOs, we assign a point value (100 Bonus Volume or 100 BV) to each of the memberships sold, and the FLEX Bonuses are based on the accumulation of BV. AmeriPlan generally gives each membership the maximum points possible in the FLEX Plan and pays out an unheard of $0.90 of every dollar on the initial monthly membership fee in order to create the ideal balance between significant up front cash and maintain substantial direct residual commissions for our IBOs.
Step 3. Qualify your FBC and Earn all Bonuses with the FLEX Plan

To qualify your FBC to earn both FLEX Bonuses and Matching Bonuses from our FLEX Plan, you must personally sponsor two (2) IBOs – one on your Left Team and one on your Right Team. In order to count for qualification, these sponsored IBOs must be activated.

There are 2 bonuses to earn with our FLEX Plan:

1. FLEX Bonuses - $0.45 of every $1 generated through the payment of the first month’s FreedomPass membership fee on a weekly basis

You may begin to develop two teams under your FBC by introducing others to the AmeriPlan opportunity and our wonderful money saving FreedomPass memberships. As they enroll their FBCs under you, and generate the sales of FreedomPass memberships you will develop a Left Team and a Right Team. You can earn weekly FLEX Bonuses based on the sale of FreedomPass memberships through unlimited depth throughout your two teams as outlined below:

As mentioned, over time you will develop two Sales Teams, your Left Team and your Right Team. Typically, it is natural that one team will accumulate more or less BV in a given pay period than the other. The FLEX Bonus is calculated on the BV of your team with the lesser amount of total accumulated BV at the time of Bonus calculation based upon a 1/3-2/3 ratio. Once your FBC has been activated and has been qualified, you are eligible to receive FLEX Bonuses for every 900 in total BV generated by your Two Teams. When one team has generated 600 points in total Team BV (your 2/3 team or Power Team) and your other team has generated 300 points total Team BV (your 1/3 team or Pay Team), you will have completed a sales cycle and in turn will earn a FLEX Bonus. An FBC may complete unlimited sales cycles per week. Any “unused” or unpaid accumulated BV in any Team after the FLEX Bonus calculation will be carried forward for cycles in future weeks.

Another way to earn money with AmeriPlan is by joining in as a Platinum Plus IBO. Especially during the month of July you can make $65.00 for each Platinum Plus IBO signing up for $69.95. Just think how much money you can earn while building your team, which means monthly income from all of that business month after month, year after year they are on the books. What an opportunity!! Go to for more information or call 650 839-1614 now.


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