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Full-Track Power Trowels for Concrete floors

The Full-Track system was developed years ago by a very large concrete contractor in Europe. He has been testing and improving the system over the years. He uses the system every day on his own jobs and has set up dealers throughout Europe.

Manufacturer - FULL-TRACK
Model # - FT-432/436/448
Submitted By - FULL-TRACK (Manufacturer, Distributor)
Country - China
Category - Construction : Power Trowel : Concrete Machine

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FT-432 power trowel :   RPM up to 200
FT-436 power trowel :   RPM up to 200
FT-448 power trowel :   RPM up to 200
FT-432 walk behind :   Easy to use
FT-436 walk behind :   Easy to use
FT-448 walk behind :   Easy to use


Full-Track Co., Ltd. is a worldwide company engaged in the manufacturing and selling of the superior quality concrete finishing equipment and related construction machinery products. Our headquarters located in Belgium, with branches offices in the United States, Hong Kong, and many other countries, with European technology.

Our concrete finishing equipment has been patented in Europe, America, and China.Our business philosophy is “The quality of today is tomorrow's market, Customers’ satisfaction is our pursuit”; and our principle is “science and technology for superior brand”. We have a significant number of customers at home and abroad by providing superior quality products, reasonable prices, and excellent service.

Our concrete finishing machine adopts professional design and techniques with top notch materials available today, Patented quick change blade system which exceed the international standards of safe operating systems. Through years of hands on concrete industry experiences, and improving; that make a new revolution of concrete polishing technology, we are providing you a new era of concrete finishing machine and the highest quality service available.

We will continue to make efforts to innovate and maintain the highest quality standards possible.

The Full-Track system was developed years ago by a very large concrete contractor in Europe. He has been testing and improving the system over the years. He uses the system every day on his own jobs and has set up dealers throughout Europe and over large portions of the free world. He only recently joined forces with an aggressive US partner. While new to the US, it is not a new system. It is tested and developed with years of use.

There is no system for finishing concrete that can compete with the Full-Track system. It is a smoother running machine which operators testify works like no other. And, there is less maintenance required.

Core Technique:
Through a special gear box, the engine develops the necessary torque to rotate the blades at speeds from 40rpms to 200rpms. This far exceeds the speed of standard units which run at 90 to 120rpm’s maximum. The higher speed combined with a system to get maximum flatness in less time allows a contractor to “work the concrete” as it becomes ready particularly if the temperature rises and the concrete starts to get ahead of them. Generally, clutches of other trowel machines can only make their spider rotate at speeds maximum up to 100 - 130 RPM.

Full-Track's special designed variable speed clutch can reach safe operating speeds up to 200 RPM which greatly reduces finishing time and operator fatigue. With Full-Track you always minimized job time with the flattest finish surface.
The Full-Track’s attachment arms are longer than other machines, and positioned slightly out of their axle. This design provides constant and simultaneous pressure on all four blades. This means a significant reduction deviation and much lower than the allowed tolerance levels.

The Full-track’s blades are attached directly in the attachment arms, as a result the whole machine becomes one solid rigid unit that can create much flatter surface comparable to work with a the full disc/pan.

The Full-track’s trowel machine arms and spiders are made of best quality steel available in the market and almost maintenance free.

Blades can be changed swiftly and easily by releasing only one single bolt which is accessible at all time; even with the guard ring still attached to the machine.

Since the guard ring remains attached to the machine, this greatly reduces potential hazards to the operator.

As people working in the concrete industry, we have always been in search of new systems that allow us to polish industrial concrete floors faster and more efficiently.

After decades of experience in the industry, we know exactly where improvements should be made.

The patented Full-Track system finally puts an end to this search; in fact the new Full-Track system represents the ultimate ®evolution to the industry.

Our system offers numerous benefits and finally allows you to work faster, easier and safer.


How can we save contractors up to 20% of their concrete finishing time???

Flatter Finishes in Less Time...
Why the name, “Full-Track” for a concrete finishing machine?
When you are using a so called 48’’ machine, with Full-Track machine, because of their elongated attachment arm which almost the full length of the blade; so you are always finishing the full width or the Full-Track of 48”. This is unique in the world of concrete trowels; because other blade their arm are shorter; its end will flex upward and reduce the effective smoothing width.

Flatter & Faster:
Full-Track’s patented spider attachment arm with the stabilizer ring which is mounted to the top of each arm; so each individual arm cannot alter its own orientation without changing all the other arms & blades. All blades utilizes the full weight of the machine quickly cut out high spots and move the excess concrete to the low spots and creating a flatter surface. This reduces the time needed to get a flatter surface!

Strength & Quality - Reduce Maintenance...

The spider and attachment arms are made of very hard steel which is wear resistant. The attachment arms are tough to be bended. If kept maintenanced & greased routinely, there will be almost no wearing occurred so it will keep a tight fit in the swivel area; and the blades remain flat at all times.

Easier and Faster - Changing Blades...

With just one bolt at the end of each spider arm, the blade can be easily removed, rotated or replaced. If there is need to use other brand blades in your inventory with Full-Track system, all you need just simply fasten them to our adapters (pictured below) and affix them to your Full-Track machine (Be aware that many other blades are not designed to withstand the Full-Track system’s higher spider rpm ).

Unique Blades & Support System...
Full-Track Blades are made of special spring steel which insure the blades flatness lasts longer. And the spider attachment arms which support the full length of the blades completely, which distributing the weight of the machine evenly over the full blade surface...again, finishing the Full-Track!

Full-Track offers a full product line of blades with a competitive price to accommodate any job requirements. When there is a job required to use the pan disc, we highly recommend using our floating blades rather than a pan disc. The reason is that any pan disc must have an arch build into its structure so it can move around on the concrete surface and not “pulling the concrete up”. Since our floating blades working together with the Full-Track finishing machine; its patented stabilizer arm will insure even a flatter surface than use a regular pan disc.

To insure the ability to get a flatter finishing surface on top of the blade system is our pitch adjustment system. The cable which runs down trough the handle bar by the traditional trowels has been replaced with a solid bar. When the pitch is adjusted to the proper position, it holds the blades firmly in that position and it will not flexing as it happen the cable. By holding the blades at the desired pitch, a flatter finish is achieved.

To minimize the maintenance our connection point to the blade is enclosed. So it will prevent cable breaking problems.
The optional lifting hook is designed directly attached to the gear box with heavier bolts while other attach to the engine. This allows the operator to transport the unit around on the construction site with additional lifting machines without the bolts pulling out on causing damage to the engine.


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