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web based GPS tracking software + fleet management + Google Map

web based software: log in name: extremtrac password: 9999 GPRS real time tracking support fuel monitoring camera monitoring temperature monitoring door sensor device managerment account management report centrer

Manufacturer - Yuwei Info Technology Co., Ltd.
Model # - EX1000
Submitted By - Yuwei Info Technology Co.,Ltd. (Manufacturer, Manufacturer)
Country - China
Category - Electronics : GPS : Car Gps

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web based software :   EX1000
web site :
log in name :   extremtrac
password :   9999
fuel monitoring :   fuel monitoring
camera :   camera monitoring
temperature :   temperature sensor
door :   door sensor
shock :   shock sensor


General Introduction: Since 1998, Yuwei engineering team spent 10 years, developed and improved with this EX1000 web based tracking solution, The EX1000 ( support Yuwei GPS/GPRS/SMS vehicle trackers, personal trackers, asset tracker, boat trackers ) is the most powerful, comprehensive and dynamic web based GPS fleet tracking solution in the world, it enables complete data analysis for fleet dispatch and management, online image and fuel viewing and management, a server database and web viewer dedicated to the management of unit fleets (land, air and sea), its finality is to bring a complete information, detailed and actualized of different nature about the units (cars, ships, people, and others). It is available both as a hosted solution at, or as of a clients' domain name for customer's own website tracking access, ( e.g., or, can be purchased as a complete software packet and installed to partner's server for a turnkey platform establishment. With Yuwei server subscription partner can have adminstration account, registering & managing accounts for sub-users, can control & overview all fleets being monitored, and can add database read access, user interface translation, different language customization, local mapping integrations, and corporate re-branding as options.

Using internet broswer to realize the online operation of real time AVL vehicle, boat, asset tracking and workforce management, remote monitoring and control, real time map refreshing, zoom in and zoom out, distance calculating, route analysis etc. EX1000 also supports mobile devices like PDA, smart phone to access for real time mobile tracking solution. Its latest version allow users to have 3D map view as well.

Working Diagram:

Key Features

• Visualize all the units (cars, ships, people, and others) with high versatile precision maps.
• Show the route history of each unit with a backup of three months and a year in cd (under order).
• Vehicle/trackers report database
• ACC monitoring, fix time, fix distance reporting, intelligent moving/stopping report
• Image monitoring/fuel consumption monitoring/temperature monitoring
• Online Geofencing.
• Online control of vehicles ( door lock/unlock/engine cut/power off)
• Mileage, route, speed etc analysis.
• Visualize the units with it corresponding geografic data.
• Route Trace and scheduling.
• Online Language and GMT configurable.
• Able to build markers to visualize them in the viewer.

Minimum Requirements Of Server

1. Server Hardware:
- Server hardware spec:
a. CPU. Dual core, above 2G.
b. RAM Memory: above 2G., recommended 4G.
c. Hard disk: Available space: above 100G. Recommended 500G.
- Server Numbers: for 1000 vehicles, just 1 server is ok. Recommande 2 servers for hot swap.

2. Software Environment:
- Operation system:
a. Windows server 2003 or above, with SP2 patch, IE7 above
b. Install application software (IIS,ASP.NET)
c. Install Eastern Asia language package.
d. Firewall open the Port 2332, 80.
- Program framework: .Net FrameWork3.5
- Database: SQL Server 2005 or above with SP3 patch

Demo View:

2. Real time On-line Tracking:

3. Online Control And Data Analysis:

- Fuel monitor ( daily, monthly analysis chart)
- Picture update
- Route management
- Fleet dispatch solution
- Cut vehicle engine power
- Cut vehicle oil
- Lock door
- Unlock door
- Set report timer/distance
- Set speed limit
- Set geofence
- etc

Full Features:


1;Real Time Online Track

(1) Live tracking (vehicle ID, plate NO, group, speed, mileage, fuel, data received, status, location, my fleet list, warning list, receive list )
(2) History (vehicle ID, plate NO, group, speed, mileage, fuel, data received, status, location)
A. Static track points
B. Non-precision track points
(3) Send information
A. Public information
B. Scheduling information
(4) Receive information
(5) Photo monitor
A. order conditions
a. time acceding
b. time descending
B. query conditions
a. customer’s name
b. vehicle

2. Tracker Online Configuration
(1). device parameters
A. device type ( GPRS.GPRS2.0)
a. setup phone number
b. setup driver access
c. setup call restriction
d. setup speed limit warning parameters
e. setup time for start up power saving model after ACC off
f. set sleep parameters
g. set overtime parking parameters
h. set function switch
i. set mileage parameters
j. interval co-ordinate upload to sever
k. link to maintain the parameter settings
l. snap shot parameters setting
m. wake-up power-saving mode device
n. cancel alarm warning
o. engine lock
p. device software version query

B. ET700 tracker control through GPRS
a. set central NO.
b. fix distance report
c. fix time report
d. set tracker ID.
e. set master mobile NO.
f. single position request
g. set speed limit
f. vehicle status request
g. recover alarm
h. set voice monitor NO.
i. oil cut
j. oil recover
k. lock door
l. unlock door
m. set data logger time
n. data upload numbers
o. data upload numbers
p. reset
q. data upload time
r. clear logged data
s. set fix voice monitor number

(2) Geo fence area setup
(3) Geo fence warning setup
a. report while device return to geo fence area
b. report while device out of geo fence area
c. report while device out and return to geo fence area
d. disable the warning
a. report while device out of geo fence area
b. disable the warning

3.Information Management
(1). Group manager
(2). Vehicle manager
A. SMS notification
a. device failure
b. GSM module failure
c. GPS module failure
d. GPS antenna unknown
e. GPS antenna short circuit
f. GPS antenna open circuit
g. immobilization vehicle function failure
h. SOS
i. pirates warning
j. return to geo fence area
k. out of geo-fence area
l. over speed warning
m. out of track report
n. engine start on restricted period
o. stop duration not enough
p. warning-not stop on station
q. illegal open door
r. external line disconnected warning

(3). Device manager
(5) vehicle type manager
(6).vehicle brand manager
(7). Mobile service provider

4.Report Center
(1) vehicle online report
a. daily b. monthly c. on the line vehicle d. off-line vehicle
(2). Parking location report
a. detail b. over time parking report c. sleep report
(3)vehicle speeding report
a. daily b. monthly c. details d. speed query
(4)alarm warning report
a. daily b. monthly c. details
(5)fuel consumption report
a. daily b. monthly c. over average d. below average
(6). Vehicle mileage report
(7). Vehicle geo fence report
(8) tanker report

5. System Manager
(1) account manager
(2) authority manager

6. Change Password.

Unique Online Language Modification ( Users Can Tailor Make Their Own Languages):

There is a very simple way to change the Language into other language, user can do it in their side if engineer understand English


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