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Perfect CalCard Tool & Part Estimating Software

Perfect CalCard is easy to use estimating software that will enable your company to quickly, accurately and professionally supply quotes automatically for injection molds, pressure die cast molds and stamping dies plus production part costs for each.

Manufacturer - Tsetinis Tooling
Model # - Perfect CalCard 5.1.21
Submitted By - JDL Technical Services (Reseller, Service Provider)
Country - Canada
Category - Software : Manufacturing

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Customizable :   Yes
User Friendly :   Yes
3D data input :   Yes
Excel export :   Yes
Engineering changes :   Yes
Injection Molds :   Yes
Pressure Die Cast :   Yes
Stamping Dies :   Yes
Material Costs :   Yes
Machine Burden Rate :   Yes
Machine Costs :   Yes
Hourly Rates :   Yes
Production cost :   Yes
Piece Price :   Yes
Comparisons :   Yes


JDL Technical Services
Software Solutions for Moldmakers & Mold Buyers

Professional, Simple, Fast, & Accurate

Perfect CalCard® mold quoting software allows an automatic calculation of mold & part costs with the following features:
• Calculation of plastic injection molds, pressure die-casting molds and stamping tools
• Calculation of part costs automatically
• Very easy to use for quick estimating (enter part geometry => select mold type => get tool cost)
• 3D data can be imported (optional)
• Different degrees of detail possible (from rough calculation for beginners to detailed calculation for mold experts)
• Software is used by moldmakers as well as by mold buyers
• Input of minimal geometry data to obtain quote
• Software is ready to use (except hourly rates) and is available in 5 languages
• Definition of mold profiles or templates for different product groups – eliminates all tedious manual entries
• Many references in the automotive market worldwide (BMW, GM, Daimler, Volkswagen, Fiat, Valeo, Bosch, Siemens VDO, Continental Plastics, Draexlmaier, Lacks Trim, etc.) plus other industries as well.
• Easily customize Perfect CalCard® to your company's unique profile or to each customer’s standards. Parameters can be set for varying hourly rates for different departments or processes, machine rates, steel types used, etc.

By using the Magics CalCard® module, 3D data can be analyzed for undercuts, openings, draft angles and wall thickness. Even the parting line can be generated, to display core and cavity views, identifying critical areas for milling or EDM. These parameters are then transferred into Perfect CalCard for an even more accurate quote.

All quotes can be exported into detailed Excel cost breakdown sheets.

Engineering Changes can also be quoted using Perfect CalCard

Each module of Perfect CalCard (INJECT, CAST or STAMPING) also includes a complete part calculation feature. Input values such as the number of parts per year, number of cavities, and the material used are taken directly over from the mold calculation.

Using the wall thickness of the part, the material, and part geometry, the cooling time is calculated automatically. The cycle time can be calculated using the injection and standstill time of the process for part removal.

In Perfect CalCard, all of your manufacturing equipment can be imported into the databases. Important machine parameters such as clamping force, maximum clamping area, barrel capacity and hourly rates are stored and will be considered corresponding to the production needs.

While there are several algorithms involved in the calculations there is always the possibility to manually make changes all through the process.

Perfect CalCard can give you separate costs for material, manufacturing cost, maintenance, procured parts and additional work such as runner removal, assembly, etc.

Surcharges, developmental costs, logistics and even the proportional cost of the mold can be considered in the calculation of the final part price. As in the mold calculation, this cost can be exported into a detailed Excel cost breakdown sheet.

Current customers have reported time reductions of 20% - 80% in their quoting efforts.

Just imagine what that corresponds into cost savings!


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