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Nirvaha Quote Software

Quote Software with Pricing and Product Configuration that works for the way you do business. No upfront professional services needed and easy to get started with.

Manufacturer - Nirvaha Corporation
Model # - Quote Software
Submitted By - Nirvaha Corporation (Service Provider)
Country - United States
Category - Software : Sales Automation

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Internet :   Cable, DSL, WiFi, Dial-Up
Web Browser :   Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome
PC :   Windows 2000 or Later
Mac :   MacBooks, MacBook Pros, MacBook Airs, Mac
QuickBooks :   the later the version, the better


Nirvaha Quoting with Nirvaha Pricing and Product Configuration lets you do quoting and pricing based on how your business works.

*Create quotes with YOUR templates, not the template of the software vendor. Include your branding, custom quote fields, legal language in your quote and more.
*Get your business terms correctly within each quote the 1st time – eliminating quoting rework. This includes pricing details, discount controls, bundling, promotions, mark-ups, etc all of which can be specified with Nirvaha Pricing and Product Configuration.
*Quotes can be created and sent only if they comply with pre-approved business terms.
*Gradually ease in the change to a new quoting system by re-using familiar concepts such as the way you have always ordered or grouped your items,your existing templates and familiar icons or graphics.
*Make quotes work for the way you do business.

Make the Software work for Your Business Metrics, Not the Other Way Round--

Nirvaha Quoting with Nirvaha Pricing and Product Configuration produces quotes with pricing and products configured the way you want them - optimized for your business metrics (revenue, margin, profit, order to quote ratio, and more).

Existing quote software requires businesses to pay significant upfront professional services fees to implement your specific business needs around quoting, pricing, and product configuration ; OR you will have to change your quoting, pricing and product configuration business needs to accommodate the software's capabilities.

Nirvaha's quote software and pricing & product configuration software eliminates these issues. Your specific quote templates, pricing methods, product configuration rules, discounting guidelines, promotion guidelines and other business terms will work smoothly without requiring upfront professional services.

You can get up and running in less than a day with our QuickStart program.

Sales Teams Get Quotes, Pricing and Product Configuration Right the First Time--

Your sales team can spend less time reworking quotes, waiting for approvals and spend more time converting quotes to orders - all while giving you the ability to manage quoting, pricing and product configuration guidelines based on what is right for your business and NOT based on what software is capable of.

Sales and finance teams will be in sync on all matters related to quotes, pricing and product configuration since Nirvaha Quoting and Nirvaha Pricing and Product Configuration only produces quotes with pricing and products configured to meet your business metrics . With support for virtually all types of quote templates, pricing types and product configuration rules, Nirvaha makes Quoting, Pricing and Product Configuration work for both your business and sales teams simultaneously.

Supported Quoting, Pricing, and Product Configuration functionality:

*All existing quote templates - any that can be created in HTML
*Branding information, images, product pictures in the quote
*Legal language, business terms in the quote
*Customizable headings, custom data and fields in the quote
*Many different pricing types including price per unit, volume pricing, dependent pricing, bundled pricing and much more
*Multi-currency support
*Promotional pricing based on region, dates and your own custom criteria
*Configurable items with unlimited configuration choices that depend on configuration of other items
*Customizable ordering of items while creating quotes, tying together products in bundles, excluding products based on item selections and much more intelligence in quoting and pricing
*.... And much more. We would love to find a quote template or pricing type or product configuration that does not work with Nirvaha Quote software and Nirvaha Pricing and Product Configuration.

Contact us for a Demo on Nirvaha Quote Software
(425) 451-4942


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