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Super Eco Fuel Saver

Mach3 SEFS-HD is a revolutionary new, SAE Tested, EPA Certified, environmentally friendly fuel additive designed to break down hydrocarbon molecule chains saving you fuel, saving you money and help save the environment.

Manufacturer - Mach3 Technologies, LLC.
Model # - EMP-1501
Submitted By - (Distributor, Wholesaler)
Country - United States
Category - Automotive : Fuel Additive : Fuel Saver

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Gas Saving :   Increases gas mileage 13%
Diesel Saving :   Increases diesel mileage 16%
Reduces Emissions :   Reduced exhaust emissions 44%
SAE Tested :   SAE J1321 test prove results
Cost Saving :   Save vehicle maintenance cost


Mach3 SEFS-HD is a revolutionary new, EPA Certified, environmentally friendly fuel additive designed to break down hydrocarbon molecule chains. This allows gas and diesel fuels to burn more completely, producing more efficient combustion which results in increased mileage and a reduction in harmful emissions. Mach3 will save you fuel, save you money and help save the environment.
In February 1998 Dennis Leung felt the urgency to take up the serious challenge of the escalating trend of global warming, smog and serious inhaling diseases in the world and the ever rising prices of fossil fuel threatening the well being and livelihood of the large majority of mankind. Dennis is committed to developing means and methods to lessen or even counter such universal problems and to achieve an improvement to the environmental ecology, fuel economy and engine efficiency for millions of internal and/or external combustion engines, turbines, etc. using fossil fuels.

After realizing the inadequate and ineffective means of using oxygenates in a fuel additive to boost the fuel economy and simultaneous reduction of emissions, Dennis embarked onto an entirely different approach contrary to the conventional wisdom. He came to appreciate the significance of comprehensive reduction of exhaust emissions as the best way simultaneously to gain a higher efficiency in fuel consumption.
His Invention
The philosophical approach to achieve such a feat is by devising certain means of breaking down the fuel molecules by separating the clusters of the longer hydrocarbon chains into scattered shorter and smaller ones in the fuel to enhance a more complete and effective combustion. This will enable about 40% instead of only about 25% of the energy produced from combustion of the fuel to be utilized in usual cases while the rest of the fuel in partially oxidized form is wastefully expelled from the combustion chambers of the engine as exhaust emissions polluting the atmosphere!

After years of unsuccessful attempts and acknowledging his initial failures, Dennis, with very special inspirations, finally came up with a non-metallic solution containing only hydrogen, oxygen and carbon like the hydrocarbons in the fuel itself to be capable of effectuating simultaneously a cooler, longer, leaner, cleaner, and more uniform and complete combustion, resulting in generating more power and smoother operation of the engine for a longer engine life with longer maintenance intervals while gaining higher fuel efficiency. This new and unique fuel reformulator called Mach 3 EcoFuel Saver was born in 2001.

The next generation came in October 2003. It was the Mach 3 Super EcoFuel Saver that followed with an improved version called Ultimate ME2 in private label. In late 2006 came the heavy duty version of the fuel reformulator called Mach 3 Super EcoFuel Saver-Heavy Duty (SEFS-HD) for all types of liquid hydrocarbon fuels as gasoline, diesel, bio-diesel, kerosene, and even bunker C (when preheated) or natural gas, propane, butane, etc. in gaseous form with SEFS-HD being applied in a different configuration.

Mach 3 SEFS-HD is applicable for small engines like the 2-stroke motor tricycles, lawn mowers, etc. as well as for large engines of thousands of HP in ocean going ships, tug boats, locomotives, electric power generators, trucks and buses, and heavy mining and farming machineries with up to 44% reduction of NOx, 33% reduction of CO, 7% reduction of HC and 17% effective reduction of CO2 (1% + 16%). Depending on the type and conditions of the engines, up to 23% of fuel savings can also be achieved. SEFS-HD can be utilized as an after market fuel reformulator for individual vehicles as well as for blending the un-reformulated fuel in the oil refineries. After very extensive testing conducted in the United States and in China (for more than 18 months) and subsequent thorough review to prove their validity, Mach 3 ecological products were finally endorsed by PetroChina / Chinaoil (USA), which is one of the largest oil & gas companies in the world.

Dennis is extremely thankful to be able to offer his humble contributions in Mach 3 ecological products to the world for a cleaner environmental ecology, better fuel economy and higher engine efficiency for the mission of "Saving Fuel, Saving the Environment".


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