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Electronic medical claims, electronic medical records and practice management

Located in the Washington, D.C. metro area, A&I MEDSolutions provides web based HIPAA Compliant Medical Billing and Claims Submissions, Electronic Medical Records and Medical Practice Management Consulting.

Manufacturer - A&I MEDSolutions
Model # - A&I MED-1
Submitted By - A&I MEDSolutions (Service Provider, Owner)
Country - United States
Category - Services

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electronic billing :   1
HIPAA compliant :   3
medical records :   2
patient scheduling :   4
practice management :   5
web based :   6


For additional information contact:
Ira C. Peine
A&I MEDSolutions
Phone 703-879-6016
FAX 703-922-3681
Cell 703-395-4332

New Medical Billing Service Founded
Located in the Washington, D.C. metro area, A & I MEDSolutions is able to provide hands on service to our clients with a 24/7 web based, HIPAA Compliant and secure suite of programs that are favorably priced for the smaller practices. These programs can be accessed from any computer that has an internet connection. This enables the provider real time viewing of their Medicare and insurance claims.
“We can help almost any business achieve better continuity,” Mr. Peine said, “allowing the business or practice to get back to its core competency. It’s amazing how side-tracked the average doctor can get just by doing paperwork. In some cases it can cripple the practice.” Indeed, poor cash flow is cited as the number one cause of business failures in this country.
As the current increase of government involvement continues to impede the progress of small businesses, more companies, especially medical providers, are turning to outside specialists to handle insurance claims, collections, and accounts receivable issues—much like they do for taxes and legal matters. Electronic claims filing can reduce the time between filing and payment to only a few days, versus the traditional waiting period of several weeks. Other services can also dramatically improve current cash flow conditions.
“Electronic Medical Claims (or EMC) filing is a time-tested method of filing insurance claims,” Mr. Peine said, “and is growing larger day by day. We have also streamlined a method of pre-authorized checking, also a well-known technology, to help collect patient and customer payments more efficiently. Using our company is very similar to having your accountant file your tax-return electronically.”
Mr. Peine said, “Our web-based Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system works hand-in-hand with the current work flow and is fully integrated with our Medical Billing program. This program effectively documents and manages each step of the patient encounter and is designed with flexibility for each unique personal preference instead of forcing the practice to adopt a rigid, unfamiliar workflow model.”
Mr. Peine will be soliciting medical providers and general businesses in the area to take advantage of their many customized services.


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