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VAST Composite Pavers

VAST Composite Pavers are manufactured in a proprietary composite blend of up to 95 percent recycled car tires and plastic containers. VAST Composite Pavers: Beautiful, Versatile, Durable, and Green.

Manufacturer - VAST Enterprises, LLC
Model # - VAST_Landscape_4x8
Submitted By - Strategic Storytelling (Agent, Marketer)
Country - United States
Category - Construction : Building Materials : Landscape Pavers

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VAST Composite Pavers Made from Recycled MaterialsVAST Composite Landscape Paver Sizes: 3x6, 4x8VAST Composite Pavers: Patio Installation



Compressive Strength :   Peak Comp. Strength: 2,063 psi
Flexural Strength :   Ult. Flex. Strength: 695 psi
Thermal Expansion :   44*10^(-6) at 68 degF
Flame Spread :   Horizontal burning rate: 51 mm/min
Xenon Arc Weathering :   ASTM G155 2,000+ hours
Cold Water Absorption :   ASTM C67 Section 8: <1% by mass
Freeze-Thaw Cycling :   cycled 52 times over 75 days, no cracks


VAST Composite Masonry Products: Engineered to be Beautiful, Versatile, Durable and Green

Every 5,000 Square-Foot Landscape Installation Diverts 2,500 Scrap Automobile Tires and 75,000 Plastic Containers from U.S. Landfills

WHO: VAST Enterprises, LLC is a material science research and manufacturing company headquartered in Minneapolis, Minn. VAST produces green building products with its patented technology that transforms recycled, post-consumer rubber and plastics into an advanced, highly engineered, and environmentally friendly construction material: composite masonry.

WHAT: All VAST products are made from VAST’s engineered composite material that consists of a proprietary blend of up to 95 percent recycled car tires and plastic containers. Installations of VAST products to date have kept 2.75 million pounds of rubber and plastics out of landfills.

Today, VAST composite masonry products include VAST Composite Landscape Pavers (available in 3x6-inch and 4x8-inch sizes), VAST Composite Permeable Pavers for stormwater management, VAST Composite Deck Pavers (an innovation that brings the style of brick pavers up onto decks), and VAST Composite Thin Brick.

VAST’s inventive and patented grid system makes it faster for professional contractors to install VAST Pavers for commercial and residential uses (parking areas, driveways, walkways, entryways, plazas, and patios). When the pavers are inserted into the grid, they are automatically spaced and aligned. And at one-third the weight of concrete, VAST pavers are easy to work with and ideal for flat roof patios and decks – without requiring pedestal systems.

VAST Composite Pavers deliver the durability demanded by architects and engineers. Six color options are available. VAST pavers are stain- and impact-resistant and UV-treated to minimize fading and look brilliant year after year. Immune to salt and other chemicals and absorbing almost no water, VAST withstands freeze-thaw cycles and is backed by a lifetime warranty against cracking in residential applications.

WHY: The VAST scientific breakthrough: the world’s first engineered composite material consisting almost entirely of recycled materials that offers the strength, durability and visual appeal to provide an alternative to molded concrete and clay brick.

All VAST composite masonry products are cradle-to-cradle green and can contribute to projects earning more LEED credits than any other pavers. The VAST manufacturing process starts with post-consumer recycled rubber and plastics, consumes 82 percent less energy and releases 89 percent less carbon dioxide than concrete product manufacture, generates no volatile organic compounds, yields zero scrap, and creates products that are 100 percent recyclable.

VAST meets the most demanding requirements for aesthetics, design versatility, durability, sustainability, and installation efficiency. Award-winning VAST pavers deliver rich colors, superior slip resistance and unbeatable strength… and they are green.


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