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TASER C2 with laser site

The TASER®* C2 is the newest product designed for non lethal personal protection. Utilizing the same technology as their proven law enforcement weapons, the C2 has the incredible defensive power of 50,000 volts to put any attacker on the ground!

Manufacturer - TASER
Model # - 31010
Submitted By - High Voltage (Retailer)
Country - United States
Category - Security : Self Defense Weapons : TASER Stun Guns

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Taaser C2 laser site-RedTaser C2 color: blueTitanium Silver C2 Taser with laser site


Type :   EMD stun device
Voltage :   50,000
Effective Range :   15'
Laseer Site :   Yes
Cartridge included :   Yes
Training DVD :   included
Instruction manual :   included
GUARANTEE :   Lifetime Replacement


TASER®* C2 with Laser

The TASER®* C2 is TASER's® newest product designed for non lethal personal protection. Utilizing the same technology as their proven law enforcement weapons, the C2 has the incredible defensive power of 50,000 volts to put any attacker on the ground!

Just point the laser sight at the bad guy, squeeze the trigger and the TASER® C2 shoots out 2 darts attached to 15 feet of wire. Then 50,000 volts of high voltage defense travels through the wires and over-rides your attackers central nervous system providing you with unbeatable take down power.

If a close quarter defense is warranted, the Taser®* C2 doubles as a contact stun device to repel someone as a powerful and unexpected backup capability.TASER® technology has proven itself as a safe and effective choice of self-defense with over 500,000 worldwide users.

If you want the ultimate non lethal high voltage defense weapon that does not look like a traditional firearm, you need to buy the TASER C2 today! No one will even know you have the ultimate personal self defense weapon!

Th TASER C2 with laser site comes with:

One C2 Cartridge
Training DVD

The TASER®* C2 is a self-defense electronic control device. Electronic Control Devices (ECDs) use propelled wires or direct contact to conduct energy to affect the sensory and motor functions of the nervous system.

The TASER®* C2 uses a replaceable cartridge, containing compressed nitrogen, to deploy two small probes that are attached to the TASER®* C2 by insulated conductive wires with a maximum length of 15 feet (4.5 meters).

The TASER®* C2 transmits electrical pulses along the wires and into the body affecting the sensory and motor functions of the peripheral nervous system. The energy can penetrate up to two cumulative inches of clothing.

The Taser C2 with Laser is available in 6 colors

TASER® cartridges have a unique serial number and are equipped with an Anti-Felon Identification system, which discharges 20-30 serialized paper tags when deployed. Law enforcement can later retrieve this confetti from the scene and contact TASER® International to get the name of the owner of the TASER® device, allowing police to track any potential misuse.

EFFECTIVE -- A TASER® C2 can be conveniently discharged to work anywhere on the body, unlike other conventional weapons with a specified target area. This makes the TASER® C2 more effective self-defense option by making it easier to stop a threat under an already stressful situation. TASER® devices have been used effectively by law enforcement encounters by over 10,000 police agencies in over 4 countries, boasting a 95% effective rating. TASER® technology provides one of the only non-lethal means of stopping an attacker dead in his tracks, even if under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

RESPONSIBILITY -- Normal law-abiding citizens carrying a TASER® C2 for self-defense purposes should have no problem acquiring this highly effective tool. However, to further promote responsible ownership, the TASER® C2 will only function after the owner completes a background check through the manufacturer to prevent misuse. As always, purchasers MUST be 18 years old or older


If your TASER® C2 is used in self defense, it can be deployed and left behind attached to the attacker causing incapacitation while you get to safety. When fired, the TASER® C2 will deliver a 30 second energy burst of electrical energy. This is your window of opportunity, you can set down your TASER® C2 to keep the attacker incapacitated, while you escape. Send us a copy of the police report documenting the incident and we will replace your unit free of charge.

After the TASER® C2 is delivered to you, you will need to register the C2 to activate it. You will do this by calling an 800 number or doing it online. This only takes a couple of minutes and full instructions come with the C2. It costs $9.95. It is a background check, so you might not want to bother ordering a C2 if you have a criminal background.


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