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800,000 Volts Telescopic Stun Baton

The Stun Master Telescopic Stun Baton packs three powerful punches, a welcome addition to any smart self defense plan.

Manufacturer - Stun Master
Model # - SM-FLEX
Submitted By - High Voltage (Retailer, Wholesaler)
Country - United States
Category - Security : Self Defense Weapons : Stun Devices

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Telescopic Stun Baton-closedSM-FLEX 800,000 Volts Telescopic Stun Baton 800,000 Volts Telescopic Stun Baton w holster


Length Open :   21.5"
Length Closed :   13"
Holster :   included
Battery charger :   included
Warrant :   lifetime


The Stun Master Telescopic Stun Baton packs three powerful punches, a welcome addition to any smart self defense plan.

Extend your arm distance with this telescopic stun baton and make every punch count. The ability to extend the baton increases the distance between you and your attacker giving you an increased advantage and greater ability to defend yourself. When fully extended this baton reaches 21.5 inches, just think your arm plus 21.5 inches is a lot longer than the average person’s arm. When the baton is collapsed it measures only 13 inches making it easy to carry and store.

The loudest punch of the telescopic stun baton is the 120db alarm that catches them off guard. With the push of a button you will stun them and draw attention to yourself at the same time. This alarm is extremely loud making any attacker think twice, not to mention this will scare the dickens out of any would be aggressive canine.

The main punch of the telescopic stun baton is the 800,000 volts of jaw dropping, knee jolting power it carries. Imagine a baton extended while arching and zapping blue light, the sound and sight alone is enough to make any attacker tuck tail and run.

Simply push the button and the baton immediately extends and 800,000 volts run the entire length of the extended portion, making it a highly effective defense baton. Effective to the fact that if the attacker were to grab the baton they will shortly wish they hadn’t. That’s right just push the button and start shocking there’s no quicker defense.

No need to worry if the attacker is or happens to touch you, you will not get shocked. This stun baton will shock through ½” of clothing making it a good choice in protection.

We’ve also found that people have had great results when approached by an aggressive dog; usually just the sound of the stun baton going is enough to cause them to run. Include a 120db alarm and either one hits a high frequency that only a dog can pick up causing them to retreat due to shear confusion and terror. As an absolute last resort and if only absolutely necessary a 3 second zap should be sufficient to detour the more aggressive dog.

To collapse baton simply push on the end, and back to 13 inches, comes with free holster for easy storage. With a safety button there is no need to worry about accidental firing. This is a rechargeable Stun Baton so you can be ready for any surprise that may come your way.

21.5 inches extended/ 13 inches closed.
Comes with a FREE holster for easy carrying.
Comes with easy to use recharger.

The Stun Master® Telescopic Stun Baton will come to you about 30% charged so it can be used right out of the box. Just plug it in for about 10 hours to fully charge.


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