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15.4 / 17 / 19inchs Waterproof TV – Elegant Series

Completely waterproof, this TV is perfect for the steamiest, foggiest bathrooms and picture clarity will not diminish as a result of water, mist, or cosmetic sprays being used.

Manufacturer - Luxurite UK limited
Model # - Elegant
SKU - Waterproof TV – Elegant Series
Submitted By - luxurite uk limited (Manufacturer, Manufacturer)
Country - England
Category - Electronics

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Waterproof TV1 :   15.4
Waterproof TV2 :   17
Waterproof TV3 :   19inchs
Waterproof TV4 :   22``(16:9)


15.4 / 17 / 19inchs Waterproof TV – Elegant Series
Picture this normal weekday scene. Your alarm clock wakes you and you crawl out of bed. You shower and dress, eat a quick breakfast and leave for work. Sound familiar? Perhaps also too routine?
What if you could change that routine and make a real difference in your day? Imagine waking up to crystal clear images and audio that make you feel alive! Imagine a TV so different that it will blow your mind and your normal routine away! Want to feel refreshed and full of life when you leave for work in the morning? Imagine a TV for your bathroom. Luxurite has imagined just that and has created the Luxurite Elegant TV.
The Luxurite Elegant series is simply stunning. You will be amazed at the features and quality of this waterproof TV , and its 16:10 widescreen display needs to be seen to be believed. Glass panels and a polished ultra-slim frame will ensure this TV has pride of place in your bathroom. Completely waterproof, this TV is perfect for the steamiest, foggiest bathrooms and picture clarity will not diminish as a result of water, mist, or cosmetic sprays being used.
Our design teams are committed to providing you with the most beautiful and luxuriant products, and the Luxurite Elegant series will not disappoint the least. We ensure we use only the best quality materials in our elegant series and this is obvious when you see and feel its smooth streamlined exterior. The latest technology has been integrated with the most elegant of designs to stunning effect. Crystal clear Dolby surround stereo which means you never miss a sound, and the 450:1 contrast and 500cd/m2 brightness will bring images to life in explosions of colours. A specially designed shining mirrored surface will create a perfect alternative to your bathroom mirror when the TV is switched off. Even the remote control is watertight allowing you complete control from the comfort of your shower or bath.
Your evenings will also be transformed with the addition of the elegant waterproof TV to your bathroom. Relaxation will take on a new meaning as you lay back in your bath watching your favorite TV show. Getting ready for a night out? No need to miss the latest episode of your favorite soap opera or set the video recorder. You can watch it while getting ready and enjoy the experience of being refreshed and entertained at the same time. You deserve more in your life that just a simple bath or shower and the elegant series will deliver endless enjoyment and change to your daily routine life forever!
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