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Info-Surge Online Patient Education Platform

Info-Surge helps healthcare providers educate & support patients before & after medical procedures with a proprietary web based education platform that integrates into the provider's website. Deliver any information to patients in a consistent manner

Manufacturer - Info-Surge
Model # - Patient Education
Submitted By - Info-Surge (Developer, Distributor)
Country - United States
Category - Health : Healthcare IT : Patient Education

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Patient education :   Yes
3D Animation :   Yes
Health Education :   Yes
Video :   Yes
Website Integration :   Yes
Hardware required :   No
Software required :   No
Customization :   Available
Medical specialties :   10 Available
Spanish support :   Yes
Practice management :   Yes
Modules available :   1000
Support :   Yes


Why Info-Surge?
Because Info-Surge makes it possible for you to deliver any patient education materials such as videos, flash presentations, electronic files, images, quizzes, surveys and more. There is simply no other online patient education platform on the market that was designed specifically for medical practices. Info-Surge will save you time and money, enhance patient satisfaction, improve risk management and optimize internet marketing.

Control and manage the information you deliver
Use standard patient education courses directly from our library, customize them to fit your needs, create your own, or use third party materials. You can also create and add surveys, quizzes and downloadable files at any time.

Save Money
Increase productivity - Info-Surge is not meant to replace the personal connection between medical professionals and patients. However, since your patients conveniently access and receive the bulk of their education on-line you will save an average of 20-50% per patient on staff time. And the best thing is that the time you spend with patient is going to be more personalized and effective.

Enhance Patient Care
Think about the first need a patient has. Reassurance. They need to know and understand what they are battling and that everything is going to be OK. Giving your patients an individualized web based resource that answers these needs helps them get comfort, knowledge, and support. Since the information is online they can share it with the loved ones, their support circle. All this enhances the care and experience you provide your patients.

Improve Risk Management
Reduce exposure to frivolous litigation - Mitigating risk is more important today than ever before. Research shows that educated patients are less likely to enter litigation against their medical providers Info-Surge has the tools necessary to educate and manage patient expectations. By tracking and recording patient participation along with an objective measure of patient comprehension, Info-Surge enhances your patient informed consent process and documentation.

Expand Marketing Opportunities
Integrate Info-Surge's online patient education platform directly into your existing website so when patients find your website they can start the intake process immediately. You put a lot of resources into getting patients into your website, Info-Surge makes sure they are engaged and in your pipeline

"Info-Surge has saved
me an incredible amount
of time & expense"

Joseph Caruana, MD
Synergy Bariatrics

"Our only regret is
not starting to use
Info-Surge earlier"

John Rabkin, MD
Pacific Laparoscopy

"Info-Surge has been
a tremendous addition
to our patient education

Thomas Inge, MD
Cincinnati Children's Hospital

"I love Info-Surge like Chocolate. We have been working with Info-surge for over two years and chose them as our patient education platform because they are the only company that enabled us to manage and create our own education library. Their customer service is second to none, and the production team really understood my practice needs. Info-Surge has been extremely flexible and accommodating to my busy schedule and I was able to focus on patient care while they developed my patient education tools. We feel that providing patients the support they need before and after weight loss surgery through our website is the wave of the future and look forward to growing our education library together with Info-Surge."

Laura Boyer, RN, CBN, Director of Clinical System


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