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Xidie Security Suite

By combining cryptography with steganography, by using strong compression algorithms, well recognized and new encryption algorithms, classic and new steganographic techniques, standard deleting methods, Xidie is one of the top security application.

Manufacturer - Aurelian Laic
Model # - 2.1
Submitted By - Aurelian Laic PF (Developer, Publisher)
Country - Romania
Category - Software : Utility : Security

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Encryption algorithm1 :   AES (256)
Encryption algorithm2 :   DES
Encryption algorithm3 :   Triple DES
Encryption algorithm4 :   RC2
Encryption algorithm5 :   DX (proprietary algorithm)
Delete method :   DoD


XIDIE includes facilities like compressed archives, encrypted archives, stegano archives, secure file deletion, password manager and other components that help you to protect computer files and folders and safely store them. All those components are designed with various interfaces very simple to use. You can protect single files or multiple file with just one click. Protect any type of file regardless of the file extension. Multiple files into a single archive. Secure delete files and folders Many other facilities like FTP download, HTTP download, direct mail Xidie offers numerous tools for securing your data and for wiping out data.
Xidie Security Suite is FREE for non-commercial use which means you can use it only for your private purposes without any costs.
Steganography supported carrier files:
* Image carriers. There are two modes from you could choose to hide information in image carriers: stretched and un-stretched images. For image carrier files Xidie use substitution method using LSB technique. Supported image formats: Bitmap (.bmp), JPEG, GIF, PNG; Image captured from screen and images captured from web-cam
* Tiff documents
* Sounds carrier: Wave sounds and MP3 sounds. Also Xidie could use as a sound carrier file wave file directly recorded.
* Reviews on SoftSea Microsoft Office carrier (Microsoft Word documents; Microsoft Excel workbooks; Microsoft Access databases; Microsoft Power Point presentations)
* Other documents Supported formats are: Text files (.txt) Rich text formats documents (.rtf) HTML documents (.htm, .html) PDF (.pdf) Dictionary: tab delimited text format(.txt) Dictionary format (.lex) Subtitles files in .srt and .sub format
* Alternate data streams (ADS): attach to a folder or attach to a file.
* Attach method By using the attach method Xidie could transform any file from your system into a carrier file regardless file extension or format. Two methods available: attach to a single file or attach to multiple file.
* Video movies New movies by recording screen activity.
* Other carriers: Cookies, Microsoft Management Console files (.msc); Registry keys; Event log file

By default Xidie use Rjindael encryption algorithm also known as AES (see the description bellow).
Xidie have implemented the AES algorithm for encryption at its longest (strongest) key length, currently 256 bits.
The implementation is compliant with the FIPS 197 recommendation.
All interfaces and modules where encryption algorithm isn't specified use AES encryption algorithm at 256 bits key size.
On advanced interface user could change encryption algorithm by choosing from this list:
Encryption algorithms
* Classic encryption algorithms implemented:
1. ` AES (Rjindael)
2. DES (see description bellow)
3. Triple DES
4. RC2
* Proprietary encryption algorithms:
1. DX257
2. DX1023
3. DX8191
4. DX100000

Delete methods for destroying your data.
By default Xidie use DoD method but user could choose from any of the other methods:
* Delete Only Files will only be deleted, not overwritten. Due to the fact that if files are deleted, their original contents remain un-erased on the hard disk for an uncertain time, this method is not recommended.
* Simple Files will be overwritten once with static random data.
* DoD Method The original data will be deleted by overwriting it according to the NTSC-TG-025 regulations (Version 2, Sep 1991). This is the recommended delete method.
* SFS Method This method overwrites 35 times with special patterns killing every information on a magnetic storage.

Xidie Security Suite is one of the most complete, innovative and complex application in steganography branch. Offer over 50 carrier types including many new technologies like ADS, Microsoft Office carrier, Registry keys etc. Most of carrier types implemented in Xidie are unique: Tiff and Word, Excel workbooks, Access databases Registry keys, Microsoft console documents, Event log files Cookies, subtitles, dictionary and PDF documents Alternate data streams and attaching method with multiple files carrier.


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