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CyPace Scribe

CyPace software helps healthcare organizations implement, maintain and secure their electronic medical record systems.

Manufacturer - CyPace, Inc.
Model # - SCRIBE
Submitted By - CyPace Healthcare (Owner, Developer)
Country - United States
Category - Health : Healthcare IT

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Server Operating Syst :   Microsoft Windows 2008 x64
Database :   Microsoft SQL 2008 x64
CYP5000 :   Support up to 150 applications
CYP4000 :   Support up to 100 applications
CYP3000 :   Support up to 50 applications
CYP1000 :   Support up to 10 applications


CyPace Scribe©

“Scribe provides futuristic tools for documenting the work of IT professionals in clinical systems. Not only does it capture the actual discrete data modifications, it also proactively watches for unauthorized or unintended changes and can ensure consistency across the enterprise.”

Scribe© Integrated Documentation System – A Paradigm Shift in Build Documentation

Scribe combines the best technologies from the other CyPace modules to create an interactive build documentation system that will allow any organization to meet government audit requirements with ease. The primary deficiency in existing documentation technology is the lack of integration with the database layer, and thus the lack of ability to capture the actual discrete data. Instead, substitutions like screenshots, spreadsheets and flat files are typically employed, and standardization goes out the window. By integrating directly with the database, Scribe is able to capture the specifics on changes, and allow for versioning, state saving and build linking.

Cross-Environment Build Manager – Enterprise Build Consistency

The Build Tracker component of Scribe leverages the discrete data store to reach out to your environments and determine exactly which version of build resides in each. In addition, within a documented system, build tracker will ensure that all configuration and content remains in the current state until the responsible owner authorizes a new version. This powerful capability will drastically reduce the occurrence of configuration-related human errors and will allow your organization to meet government standards without difficulty.

Spatial Database Visualizer – A Spatial Representation of the Database

One of the things that make non-relational databases difficult to work with is the lack of ability to conceptualize the data structures themselves. The many networked references and links can make the entire build process intimidating. With Scribe's Spatial Database Visualizer, you can choose a vantage point and layout, including Symmetric, Hierarchical, Radial Tree, and many more... To indicate the completion of the documentation task, the Visualizer differentiates between records that have or have not been documented in Scribe. In addition, any of the other data-centric tools in CyPace may be launched from within the activity, making it more than just a visually enticing place to start working.


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