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CyPace Forensics

CyPace software helps healthcare organizations implement, maintain and secure their electronic medical record systems.

Manufacturer - CyPace, Inc.
Model # - CFT
Submitted By - CyPace Healthcare (Owner, Developer)
Country - United States
Category - Health : Healthcare IT

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Server Operating Syst :   Microsoft Windows 2008 x64
Database :   Microsoft SQL 2008 x64
CYP5000 :   Support up to 150 applications
CYP4000 :   Support up to 100 applications
CYP3000 :   Support up to 50 applications
CYP1000 :   Support up to 10 applications


CyPace Forensics©

Real-Time Security Console – The Central Hub for the first Proactive Security Module

“At one glance is our entire security paradigm. The direct availability of relevant information is staggering.”

The CyPace security solution is centered around the Real-Time Console. It provides an authorized user a direct view into the entire security system at work in their organization. System generated events are separated from CyPace-originating events, but both can be used to launch into incredibly detailed and rapid retrievals of relevant auditing and access-related data. As events are generated on the server, they are instantly brought to the console, where they may be configured for display or alerting according to the requirements of the security team.

Proactive Rule Builder – Customized Security Rules with Real-Time Notification

“The concept of proactive auditing is rarely achieved without system degradation, this tool is one such achievement.”

The Rule Builder allows for the creation of a diverse set of rules to meet any requirements for system security, no matter how stringent. Some examples include:

a. When 'any user' changes 'these medication records' record all changes and SMS 555-123-4466.
b. When 'any unauthorized provider' accesses a 'Celebrity' type patient chart, record all changes, block the user's access and notify
c. When 'a provider of a certain type, specialty or department' accesses a 'patient of age < 6 months' log the event.

When the conditions in these rules are met, the associated actions will be executed instantly. The ranges of options are many: the user's future actions may be captured, before and after details of changes may be stored, even the user's session may be terminated, and many more...

Fast Journal Dive Tool – Targeted Search-and-Retrieval in the Infamously Large Journals

“The dark ages of journal-avoidance are over. This tool returns the power of the journal files back to the system administrators.”

Historically, the journal files have been difficult to manage due to their size, obfuscation and transitory nature. However, the primary reason for these issues was that most attempts at searching them were not initiated with specific criteria. By engaging very specific components of the massive journals that are known to contain the needed information, the scope and duration of the search are reduced a hundredfold. Perhaps the best part is that the journal information itself, which is very difficult to make sense of, has been translated to a more meaningful state, and the tool can even determine the answer to the all-important question, 'Who?' for you.

Forensics Event Viewer – Additional Details on Rule-based Events

While the console provides a real-time overview of currently occurring events, the Forensics Event Viewer contains the history and specifics stored within.

Edit Trail Viewer – Item Edit Trail and Extended Edit Trail, Simplified

This tool is provided to assist organizations trying to make more sense of their existing system audit data. It provides tools for filtering out false-positives and includes a built-in report view.


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