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9000 9500 9530 9630 8900 8800 8820 8830 8220 8300 8310 8320 8330 8700 8100 8110 8120 8130 lcd completehousing flex keypad trackball batterydoor lens chargingport spareparts battery charger case

Manufacturer - Verycell Communications Ltd.
Model # - offer Blackberry parts & accessories
Submitted By - sell nextel phones suppliers i880 (Manufacturer, Wholesaler)
Country - China
Category - Consumer : Cell Phone : BlackBerry

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9000 :   8130
9500 :   8120
9530 :   8110
9630 :   8700
8900 :   8330
8800 :   8320
8820 :   completehousing
8830 :   flex
8220 :   keypad
8300 :   battery
lens :   chargingport
batterydoor :   spareparts
charger :   case
trackball :   completehousing


Blackberry parts & accessories new còming at Verycell.còm :
9700 9630 9550 9520 9530 9500 9000 8900 8800 8820 8830 8520 8220 8300 8310 8320 8330 8700 8100 8110 8120 8130 lcd touch còmplete housing battery door lens flex keypad bezel trackball charging port camera speaker microphone spare parts battery charger headphone case…

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Samsung: A177 A867 A877 A827 A747 A777 A237 A717 A746 A767 B3310 B7300 C510 C3050 D880 D980 D900i D900 D840 D820 D800 D600 D520 E890 E900 E840 E250 E250D E210 E746 F480 F480L F480E F490 F250L F275 F700 G800 G508 G600 i560 i780 i900 i907 i8510 i8910 i7500 J700 J600 J750 L770 L810 M8800 M310 M140 M620 P207 P520 S8000 S8300 S7330 S6700 S5230 S5233 S3500 S3600 S3030 T539 T459 T429 T439 T229 T639 T629 T339 T239 T929 T919 T819 U600 U700 U900 X830...

Contact: Amy
Business Development Manager
Verycell còmmunications Ltd.
Msn: verycell#hotmail.còm
Mobile : +86-13560259475

VeryCell.còm offer unlocked nextel cellphones ic902 i730 i760 i830 i860

Here we have some Nextel phones on sale:
i730 31pcs $18.4
i760 30pcs $29.6
i830 50pcs $23
i860 28pcs $36
ic902 148pcs $44.1
charger 185pcs (all models have) $1.3
battery 250pcs (all models have) $1.5

Verycell còmmunications Ltd.
Contact: Amy
Business Development Manager
E-mail/Msn: verycell#hotmail.còm
Mobile: +86-13560259475


VeryCell.còm nextel ic902 for sale offer unlocked cellphones and parts flips flex lcd i880 i580

VeryCell.còm export Unlocked Nextel phones & parts lcd flex flip housing:
i880 ic902 i870 i877 i876 i860 i850 i930 i830 i833 i835 i836 i580 i730 i760 i560 i530 i285 i415 i425 i670 i455 i205 i265 i776 i576


Verycell còmmunications Ltd. specialized in wholesale cellphone & cellphone parts/accessories, digital camera parts, games products, repairing tools and more digital products. With rich international selling experience, we offer one-stop solution to all overseas buyers from sourcing,merchandising, QC, shipping to customer service providing. We would like to becòme your purchasing agency in China to purchase any product you need. Our mission is to provide our customers còmplete satisfaction by offering them best service, highest quality products at lowest price!


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