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Data Copy King--Hard drive duplicator

Data copy king is a comprehensive hard drive duplicator which integrates forensic data capture image, disk wipe and HDD diagnosis together, with disk image and data clean erasing rate respectively up to 7.0GB/min and 8.0GB/min.

Manufacturer - SalvationDATA Technlology LLC
Model # - DCK-P001
Submitted By - SalvationDATA Technology LLC (Manufacturer, Service Provider)
Country - China
Category - Computers : Data Recovery : Data Recovery Tool

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weight :   1.7kg
width :   225
height :   98
length :   174
host interface :   usb
HDD interface :   IDE/SATA


Duplication-- imaging disk at 7.0GB/min with data protection
Data clean—wiping disk conforming to DoD Standard at 8.0GB/min in real time
Forensic data capture—getting solid forensic images with MD5/CRC verification
Data recovery—recover data from damaged or unstable hard drives
HDD auto detection—fast test and state analysis with oscillograph trace
Universal support—no restriction of brand and model
Support TB-level hard drives--Especially designed for TB-level hard drive supporting up to 131072TB
Stand-alone with color touch screen

Unique design for Unstable hard drives --Hard disk with bad sectors and clicking noise
Customizable algorithms-- Set read response based on individual sector read errors
Build-in writes protection—source data protection and evidence integrity
Copy or erase HPA or DCO areas on hard-drives—access to all the data

01> All-in-one forensic image tool integrating fast HDD Auto detection, disk image and data clean solutions.
02> The latest world’s fastest forensic disk image tool at 7.0GB/min and data clean tool at 8.0GB/min in real time.
03> Brother disk image technologies adopted by data compass to repair and bypass bad sectors innovatively;
04> The most cost effective hard drive duplicator designed for all people of all industries with your familiar mobile phone color touch screen LCD.
05> The only TB-level forensic image tool supporting up to 131072TB
06> Up to 999 0 fill or F fill or random data strings fill to the hard drive for complete data erasing, following the strict DoD (Department of Defense) standard which requires seven passes
07> Detailed log information to be generated automatically, viewed and stored in the flash chip for a print
08> Provides the ability to copy or erase HPA or DCO areas on hard-drives
09> Easy to use but you get solid forensic images with verification
10> Intelligent HDD Auto detection for the drive’s PCB, firmware and bad sectors.
11> Free lifelong software upgrade and after sale support! Free but professional!


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