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Maxspect G1 / G2 New Generation Aquarium Light LED

The MaxSpect Aqua LED Lighting (G2) is the ultimate Aquarium Lighting system for the future. MaxSpect Aqua LED Lighting will change the way Aquarium hobbyists light up their fish or reef tank in the future. From

Manufacturer - Aquashop Online
Model # - G2-400-110W
Submitted By - (Wholesaler, Retailer)
Country - Hong Kong
Category - LED Light : Aquarium LED Light

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G1-400-60 :   180x180x45mm
G2 -400-110 :   400x180x45mm
G2 -400-160 :   400x180x45mm
G2-800-170 :   800x180x45mm
G2-800-230 :   800x180x45mm
Independent controll :   Yes
Over-Temp. Protection :   Yes
Build In Timer :   Yes
Moonlight :   Yes
Lamp-Temp. Indicate :   Yes


Features of MaxSpect G1:

1. With the US Cree chip LED Lends lamp beads, cost-effective

2. High brightness, low energy consumption

3. Does not contain any UV light on biological absolute security

4. 60w (white 36w + actnic 18w) = 75w Metal Halide + Blu-ray tube T5
110w (White 54w + actnic 54w) = 150w Metal Halide + Blu-ray tube T5
160w (White 102w + actnic 54w) = 250w Metal Halide + Blu-ray tube T5
180w (White 120w + actnic 54w) = 400w Metal Halide + Blu-ray tube T5

5. T5 products have the heat lamp (the impact of water temperature, heat radiation), metal halogen lamps of water shadow effect, the traditional light sources color effects cannot be achieved

6. Specific 450nm wavelength blue light, the light needed to simulate the coral growth and promote coral growth and

7. All-in-time switch setting, white blue can be separately controlled *

Example White: Set 7:00AM White Start - 18:00 Stop

Example Blue : Set 1000:AM Blue Start - 23:00 Stop

8. Lamp temperature display real-time detection, over-temperature alarm, over-temperature automatically turn off the lights (60-degree alarm, auto lights 70 degrees) *

9. All external power supply, lamp only through low-voltage DC, for aquarium biological and human security

10. Fashion, simple, compact Design. To subvert the traditional lamp awkward appearance, a large volume of

11. Integrated aluminum radiator light body, with the dual-ball bearing fans, for the LED lamp beads to provide adequate cooling

New Features of the MaxSpect G2

1, All LEDs are connected to the lamp trough attachment plug, easy to be replaced. It is easily custom modification by customer.

2, moon light function. Automatic turn on the moon light when main lights off.

3, 160w, 180w, 170w have 3 individual timer setting, 3 groups of LED can be control separately. 230w has 4 groups.

4, equipped with hanging kit and the new mounting kit.

5, super silent cooling fans. New frameless fans are used in the new product. Quieter and better cooling performance.

6, CE certificated.

7. some of the blue light LEDs will be changed to 405-410nm wavelength (true actinic) model LEDs, to add in some UVA light to the tank, together with the 455nm royal blue LEDs, the coral coloration will be enhance.

8. Voltage Input: AC86-256v


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