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RS485/232 to 4-20ma analog signal converter

ISODA products achieve the host RS-485/232 interface signals isolation to standard analog signal, to control the remote device. ISODA products can be applied to RS-232/RS-485 bus industrial automation control systems ,4-20mA ,0-5V ,0-10V

Model # - ISODA
Submitted By - Shenzhen SUNYUAN Technology Co.,Ltd. (Manufacturer)
Country - China
Category - Security

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power supply rang :   8~50VDC
Signal output/communi :   3000VDC isolation.
input :   RS485/232
output signal :   current or voltage
software :   Modbus RTU


>>Low cost,small size,
>>RS485/232 interface to 4-20ma analog signal output
>>Analog signal output accuracy>0.2%
>>Can be remotely reconfigured for modules accuracy
>>Signal output/communication interface 3000VDC isolation.
>>Wide power supply range:8~50VDC
>>High reliability,easy programme,installation.
>>Can programme setting module address,baud rate
>>Modbus RTU
>>Intelligent building control, security and engineering applications
>>RS485/232 industrial automation control system
>>Industrial fields signal isolation and long-terms transmission
>>Debugging and control of equipment operation
>>4-20mA signal output
>>Medical machine monitoring
>>Sensor signal to restore the long-range transmission and signal
>>Industrial field data for a given actuator
ISOAD Function Description
ISODA signal isolated D/A converter module,can output one channel voltage/current signals,
or 2-channel common ground and isolation current/voltage signals.
1. Analog signal output
24-bit accuracy,have been calibrated all signal input before ex-factor.Also,Users can programme himself ,Two input types must be same when testing two signals.
Communication software:
Communication Interface: 1 standard RS-485 interface or 2 standard RS-232 interface
Communication agreement: Standard ASCII, MODBUS,can make network communicate with PLC,RTU or watch software.
Data format: 10-bit,1 start bit, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit.
Communication address (0~255) and baud rate (300、600、1200、2400、4800、9600、19200、38400bps),Max. communication distance: 1200m,connect by both twists shiled cable.±15KV ESDprotection,communication response time is less than 100mS.
Set checksum according to need. Its inside contains MOMENTARY bate diode,can
Restrain surge impulse,protect modules.
Products List
out voltage or current value Communication Interface
O1:4-20mA 485: out is RS-485 interface
O2:0-20mA 232: out is RS-232 interface
O4:0-5V 232/485:out is one RS232 or RS485 interface
O5:0-10V (Key-press Choice)
O9: 0-±20mA
1. ISODA O1-485 Means 4-20ma signal output,output is RS485 interface
2. ISODA O4-232 Means 0-5V signal output,output is RS232 interface.
3. ISODA O7-232/485 Means 0-±5V signal output,output is RS485 or RS232 interface
(Key-press Choice)


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