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Jvc BN-V22U Camcorder Battery, Jvc BN-V22U Battery

There have 9 batteries are all compatible with Jvc BN-V22U Camcorder Battery, Please select your needs! Note: Higher capacity battery can use longer time!

Manufacturer - Jvc
Model # - Jvc BN-V22U
Submitted By - szdkf (Marketer, Retailer)
Country - China
Category - Consumer : Camera & Camcorder : Camera Accessories

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Battery Type :   Ni-MH
Battery Capacity :   4000 mAh
Battery Volt :   6V
Battery Color :   Black
Battery Weight :   335g
Battery Length :   89.45x46.15x43.55 mm


This Jvc BN-V22U Camcorder Battery can compatible with following batteries:

Jvc: [ BN-V11U, BN-V12U, BN-V20U, BN-V22U, BN-V18U, BN-V14U, BN-V25U, BN-V24U, BN-V20, BN-V12, BN-V400U, BN-V65, BN-V15, BN-V22, BN-V25, BN-V400B, BN-V20US ] « see more »

* This Jvc BN-V22U Camcorder Battery can fit following models:

Jvc: [ GR-AS-X760U, GR-AW1, GR-323U, GR-1U, GR-EZ1U, GR-S27, GR-AW1U, GR-FX16, GR-AX200, XM-D1BK, GR-AX210, GR-AX2, GR-AXM230U, GR-HF805U, GR-DVF20U, GR-AX5, GR-SXM330U, GR-EX7, GR-HF705U, GR-EX1, GR-AX10, GR-FXM41, GR-SXM930U, GR-AX400, GR-SXM730U, GR-SZ1, GR-FX17, GR-AX10U, GR-AX35, GR-SZ9U, GR-AX55, GR-SXM320U, GR-AX70, GR-SZ9, GR-AX25, GR-AX900U, GR-AX700U, GR-AX30, GR-AX2U, GR-SXM750US, GR-SZ7, GR-AX910U, GR-AX74U, GR-AX800, GR-AX720, GR-AX910, GR-AX1010U, GR-AX410, GR-LT5, GR-MV1, GR-LT10, GR-AX17, GR-AX17U, GR-AX200U, GR-AX920, GR-SXM240U, GR-DVF10U, GR-SZ3, GR-AX420U, GR-FXM15, GR-AX37, GR-SXM260U, GR-AXM225U, GR-FX11, GR-AX33U, GR-AXM341U, GR-DVF10, GR-AXM210U, GR-AX7EG, GR-AXM910U, GR-SXM26, GR-SXM57, GR-AX500, GR-AX60, GR-AX100, GR-FXM40, GR-SV3, GR-SXM920U, GR-AX750U, GR-SXM920 ]


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