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Evita Slimsonic - Ultrasound Slimming Spot Fat Reduction Home System

Evita Slimsonic is a non-invasive, spot fat reduction ultrasonic lipolysis system. Evita Slimsonic's ultrasound waves remove unwanted body fats cellulite and stretch marks, safely and naturally in the comfort of your home.

Manufacturer - Prodacta Essentials
Model # - PE100
Submitted By - Prodacta Essentials (Manufacturer)
Country - Canada
Category - Beauty : Weight Loss

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Ultrasound frequency :   800kHz (Low -High)
Infared :   8-12nm
Microcurrent Massage :   EMS
Color :   Pearl white
Weight :   300g
Ultrasound Penetrate :   3-5 cm


Frustrated with weight fluctuations? Unhappy with large thighs, belly and arms that stubbornly refuse to disappear no matter how much exercise you are doing? What about unsightly stretch marks, cellulite and varicose veins? Whatever it is, it is ruining your self image. Now it is time to fix that and regain full control of your life including how you want to look and feel.

( The latest technology in spot fat reduction and lipolysis, Evita Slimsonic is a revolution in removing and melting unwanted body fats safely and naturally in the comfort of your home. Evita Slimsonic is a non-invasive, spot fat reduction ultrasonic lipolysis system. Evita Slimsonic uses advanced ultrasound waves that break down stubborn fats in your body. This results in inch loss while having the benefits of micro-current massage.

1. Lose weight safely, naturally and discretely
2. Spot fat reduction & Body Contour - belly, arm dewlaps, hips, thighs
3. Prevent and Eliminate Stretch Marks
4. Prevent and Eliminate Cellulite
5. Comfort, convenience, privacy - enjoy the treatment whenever and wherever you want. No stigma, no embarrassment and no heavy price tag.

Regulated by the FDA, ultrasound is known to be the safest technology used in hospitals, medical practices and treatment therapy.

Now experts have found a new use for this highly precise technology to make spot fat reduction safe. Evita Slimsonic lipolysis system uses advanced ultrasound waves to effectively target and stimulate fat cells into releasing water, free fatty acids, and glycerol (Triglycerides), leaving healthy tissues unharmed. Fat cells shrink significantly, resulting in inch loss for patients.

Safe, clinically proven and effective, Evita Slimsonic ( is the body wellness system dedicated to spot fat reduction while repairing your body tissues. Recommended by plastic surgeons as a home use body contouring system.

Evita Slimsonic is a clinically tested Spot Fat Reduction system, designed to breakdown fats in specific areas. Combining Ultrasonic Therapy, Infrared-Heat Therapy and Microcurrent Electric Massage Therapy, Evita Slimsonic allows you to target specific problem area to safely get rid of excess fat.

With this portable handheld device, you now have total control in sculpting different areas of your body to attain overall reduction in body circumference. Frequent use of Evita Slimsonic lets you attain your dream body contour.

Evita Slimsonic also helps to prevent and eliminate cellulite. No more "cottage cheese" looking legs! The technology behind Evita Slimsonic is the combination of ultrasound and infrared ray that radiates micro-vibrations and infrared to destroy stubborn membranes of fat cells beneath the skin that has built up in problem areas such as lower abdomen, hips, thighs, arms and legs. This process prevents and reduces cellulite. The broken down fat is then dissipated by the body’s natural mechanism of clearing out waste and damaged tissues.

This process also helps with the reduction of the appearance of stretch marks. Collagen fibers help rebuild tissues and give the body the healthy firmness it was made to be. Ultrasonic waves pass from Evita into the skin, causing vibration to the surrounding tissues, stimulating collagen and heat production within the tissues. (The heat is unlikely to be felt by the user.) Heat in tissue increases the flexibility in the skin structure, this flexibility prevents and reduces the appearance of stretch marks.

Evita Slimsonic system uses advanced ultrasound waves to safely and painlessly target specific adipose fats cells and shrinking them in the process. These ultrasound waves work to a depth of approximately 4 centimeters beneath the skin surface. Targeting and stimulating fat cells into releasing water, free fatty acids, and glycerol (Triglycerides), fat cells shrink significantly, resulting in inch loss for patients.
No downtime or recovery time needed with Evita Slimsonic, allowing you to lose extra inches, remove stretch marks, burn belly fats and remove cellulite discretely and conveniently. There is no pain or discomfort with its use either.

Better yet, you can use it at home, in the office or on vacation, anytime and anywhere you desire. It is discrete and no one has to know your secret behind looking and feeling so good! Be healthy, feel younger and look beautiful.


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