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Ezyrecon Bank Reconciliation Software

EzyRecon is a bank reconciliation program written in Visual Basic using the MS Excel® as its user interface. Since the interface is in MS Excel, users can quickly check and modify the result, (i.e. two column AICPA bank reconcililiation report).

Manufacturer - Ezyrecon
Model # - Version 12.00
Submitted By - Ezyrecon (Manufacturer)
Country - United States
Category - Software

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requires MS Excel :   1
Runs on Windows XP :   2000
pc version :   no mac version
Version :   12
processing limit :   1,500,000 transactions
ave process time :   3 min for 2,500 trans
Format :   xls, csv


Ezyrecon is designed for accountants or bookkeepers spending more than 30 minutes doing their bank reconciliation. Ezyrecon can do bank reconciliation in under 3 minutes with the users virtually doing nothing. Users simply download the raw (i.e. no data format) book and bank files into Excel and click the reconcile button –wait for 3 minutes to reconcile everything. The strength of the program lies in the fact that this is the only software that reconciles directly from the general ledger. The program is written in Visual Basic and uses the MS Excel as its user interface. Unlike other bank reconciliation software with many pull down menus, it has only three (3) click buttons to do a reconciliation. In Ezyrecon, the instruction to do a bank reconciliation is a simple 3 step process, represented by three click buttons, namely (1) download the bank file ; (2) download the book file and (3) reconcile. The result of the reconciliation is an AICPA format reconciliation from unadjusted book and bank balances to reconciled book and bank balances. A typical 2,500 book transactions with sufficient audit trail can be reconciled in less than 3 minutes without the users doing anything. The system is Sarbanes-Oxley compliant and can be used with any accounting software and bank files.

Although, most of the familiar accounting software (e.g. Microsoft Great Plains, Navision, SAP, DacEasy, Oracle, Quickbooks and others) out there have a built-in accounting module, most of them are semi-manual and redundant in the process- they still require a lot of work and analysis from the users. On the contrary Ezyrecon only requires the users to download the raw book and bank files to do the reconciliation -the system can even suggest the journal entry for the required book adjustments, if any - truly, a paradigm shift in doing bank reconciliation.

Clients' Testimonials About EzyRecon

Conrad's service has been outstanding; he has had his IT guys tweak my version more than several times. It is almost like EZY RECON for Dummies. We process over 15,000 (that is not a typo, fifteen THOUSAND) commission checks each month, many for the same dollar amount. This software is outstanding. I am now waiting for the bank to get their act together on $54,000 in checks that EZY RECON found that the bank cleared but we have no record of --and in a positive pay account. Conrad keeps checking back with me; great customer service. Oh, yes, I read a book while the software and my laptop does all the work in under 3 minutes. Couldn't be happier.

Ivy Danforth, Accounting Manager
Stream Energy -Dallas

Conrad, you were very helpful in setting me up to us the program. Once I understood the set-up everything else was a breeze. Now instead of 4 days of manually tying numbers together for all of our restaurants, it takes just 30 minutes. I especially like the fact that I'm not wasting time looking for that final dollar that I'm off when I do it manually. Thank you again for saving me time during my very busy month end.

Kevin Hicks, CFO
Harrys Seafood, Bar and Grille, Florida

The robust tool that has been developed by Conrad and his colleagues has enabled us to glean significant savings in manpower. We have re-focused these resources towards the 'management' of this function rather than have them face a large-tedious bank reconciliation monthly using XL. One thing stands out - the support that the sales team (especially Conrad) provided during this engagement; a process which pushed us to question our own process assumptions and led us to re-define our approaches. It was a pleasure doing work with you guys!

Tom Magee
Financial Systems Manager
Human Genome Sciences, Inc.


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