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infrared thermal imaging
China - Engineering - Test & Measurement, 13 years ago, 740 hits
TI 160 with a high thermal sensitivity of 65mk can identify the smallest temperature difference from the object and display it by excellent thermal images. As a potential fault always coming with the partial overheat / overcool.

Automatic Oil Breakdown Voltage tester
India - Engineering - Test & Measurement - Oil Testing, 13 years ago, 770 hits
Fully Automatic Oil Dielectric Breakdown Voltage test set PE-AOBDV-1 has Accuracy of 1% and Resolution of 0.01kV. Touch-screen big LCD & Thermal printer is integrated. ASTM/IEC/IS/BS/SABS standards arepre-programmed, and 9 custom tests included

YESAIR Multi-Channel IAQ Monitor
Canada - Engineering - Test & Measurement - Gas Detectors, 13 years ago, 762 hits
YESAIR features multi-channel operation, 30 different plug & play sensors to select from and a remote particulate sensor, huge capacity data logging to SD flash card and much more.

YESDUST The Affordable Particulate Sensor
Canada - Engineering - Test & Measurement - Gas Detectors, 13 years ago, 939 hits
YESDUST is a general purpose, low-cost, hand-held, battery powered particulate sensor designed to be used in conjunction with the YESAIR or YES Plus LGA IAQ monitor.

YES Plus LGA Multi-Sensor IAQ & Landfill Surface Gas Emissions Monitor
Canada - Engineering - Test & Measurement - Gas Detectors, 13 years ago, 880 hits
The single solution YES Plus LGA multi-sensor IAQ & landfill surface gas emissions monitor simultaneously measures and records temperature, RH, CO2, and more.

AST-IS CO2 Transmitters
Canada - Engineering - Test & Measurement - Gas Detectors, 13 years ago, 621 hits
AST-IS transmitters output a linear 4-20 mA or 0-10 VDC signal that can be sent to a Building Automation System or to a CETCI controller. The transmitter is contains an infrared sensors for accurate, reliable Carbon Dioxide detection.

DDEN Submersible In-Line Tension & Compression Load Cell
England - Engineering - Test & Measurement - Force Monitoring, 14 years ago, 1114 hits
The DDEN submersible in-line load cells can be used in both tension and compression and are specially designed for applications where load or force needs to be measured underwater, or in areas subject to high humidity or the risk of flooding.

Falcon Video Measuring System
United States - Engineering - Test & Measurement - Quality Inspection, 14 years ago, 703 hits
Vision Engineering's Falcon 3-axis non-contact video measuring system is suitable for both shop-floor quality control and manufacturing inspection applications, delivering cost-effective, accurate results, with amazing simplicity.

Automatic Oil Resistivity & Dielectric Loss Tester
India - Engineering - Test & Measurement - Oil Testing, 14 years ago, 622 hits
Oil Tester - Oil Resistivity & Dissipation Factor tester, available in Automatic & Manual versions. Rugged, Reliable, and Highly Precise.

Automatic Oil Breakdown Voltage Tester
India - Engineering - Test & Measurement, 14 years ago, 1304 hits
Oil Dielectric Breakdown Voltage tester, 0-100kV, 0-80kV, 0-60kV, available in Automatic & Motorised versions. Rugged, Reliable and high Accuracy!

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