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England - Software - Banking And Finance - E-commerce, 9 years ago, 171 hits
BankPay-IP is an innovative Bacs payment gateway application. Users are able to process Direct Debits and payments securely directly from their own systems on a pay-per-use basis.

BankVal Server
England - Software - Banking And Finance - E-commerce, 10 years ago, 285 hits
BankVal Server is an international bank and payment data validation system. It checks the accuracy of UK sort codes and account numbers, IBANs, SWIFT BICs, ABA numbers and credit/debit card numbers. Plus comprehensive lookup facilities.

BankVal SMS
England - Software - Banking And Finance - Mobile, 10 years ago, 274 hits
Real time validation of UK bank sort codes and account numbers via mobile phone text message. Lets field sales staff check Direct Debit information etc when gathering data from customers.

SAP Global Bank Validator
England - Software - Banking And Finance - ERP Systems, 10 years ago, 1388 hits
SAP Approved Global Bank Validator Packaged Service. Integrates with SAP ERP systems to validate bank data, ensuring electronic payment processes work at maximum efficiency.

England - Software - Address Validation, 10 years ago, 302 hits
AddressVal is a UK postal address validation/completion web service. It can check the validity of any UK address, or provide complete postal addresses from partial information, e.g. post code

BankVal International
England - Software - Banking And Finance, 10 years ago, 306 hits
BankVal International is a suite of web services designed to validate international banking and payment data. BankVal International can validate International Bank Account Numbers (IBAN), SWIFT Bank Identifier Codes (BIC) and US ABA routing numbers.

BankVal UK
England - Software, 10 years ago, 295 hits
Checks UK bank sort codes and account numbers. Checks bank clearing information and provides comprehensive bank lookup facility.

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