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platform screen door in subway
China - Construction, 13 years ago, 1057 hits
Hardware, include logic control unit PEDC, supervisory PC (Siemens PLC) and various kinds of interfaces, are independent Selection and development by KBB.

curved door
China - Construction, 13 years ago, 397 hits
Designed to constructional needs, the curve and radian can be chosen as needed. A revolving door and sliding door in one, designed graceful and concisely in one natural model.

hermetic door
China - Construction, 13 years ago, 398 hits
Able to completely cut off internal and external air circulation and noise, making it extremely suitable for hospitals, research institutions, recording studios, clean workshops and any other areas where noise or air separation is required.

all glass revolving door
China - Construction, 13 years ago, 857 hits
Specially design for hotels, office buildings, shopping centers, airports, hospitals, banks, financial centers, museums, theaters and etc.

3 wings revolving door
China - Construction, 13 years ago, 773 hits
KA023 3/4-wing revolving door not only elegant but also economical and practical. Anti-strike+ anti-squeeze+ instant-reaction safety function

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