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material=0.55mm PVC fire retardant tarpaulin /vinyl

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inflatable water game GW-69
China - Toys - Inflatable Toys - Water Game, 12 years ago, 400 hits
Name: Double lane Water slide NO.: GW-69 SIZE(meter):4.6mW x 8.5mL x 5.5mH SIZE(foot): 28ftL x 15ftW x 18ftH

inflatable tent GTE-28
China - Toys - Inflatable Toys - Inflatable Tent, 12 years ago, 392 hits
Name: Inflatable tents NO.: GTE-28 SIZE(meter):5mL × 4mW SIZE(foot): 16.5ftL x 13ftW

inflatable obstacle course GSP-100
China - Toys - Inflatable Toys - Inflatable Obstacle, 12 years ago, 439 hits
Name: Inflatable Climb NO.: GSP-100 SIZE(meter):7.5mL x 7.5mW x 7.5mH SIZE(foot): 24.6ftL x 24.6ftW x 24.6ftH

inflatable slide GS-104
China - Toys - Inflatable Toys - Inflatable Slide, 12 years ago, 443 hits
Name: take off slide NO.: GS-104 SIZE(meter):12mL×6mW×7mH SIZE(foot): 39ftLx20ftWx23ftH

inflatable castle GC-113
China - Toys - Inflatable Toys - Inflatable Castle, 12 years ago, 786 hits
Name: GC-113 NO.: GC-113 SIZE(meter):6.7mL x 5.5mW x 5.5mH SIZE(foot): 22ftL x 18ftW x 18ftH

inflatable bouncer GB-148
China - Toys - Inflatable Toys - Inflatable Bouncer, 12 years ago, 480 hits
Name: Jungle combo NO.: GB-148 SIZE(meter):5mLx5mWx4.5mH SIZE(foot): 16.5ftLx16.5ftWx15ftH

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