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Breakdown voltage

75KV (4)

≥75KV (3)

Gas content

0.1% (3)

Gas content

≤0.1% (7)

Impurity size

1μM (3)


Chong Qing Zhong Neng Oil Purifier Manufacture (3)

Temperature range

20~80℃ (6)

Water content

3PPM (3)

≤3PPM (5)

Working pressure

≤0.3Mpa (4)

Products > Asian Oil Purifier Manufacture Co.,Ltd

Gas content=0.1%

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Mobile Transformer oil purification/ oil treatment mounted on wheels
China - Energy Saving - Oil Purification - Oil Filtration, 14 years ago, 507 hits
The series ZYD-I Double-stage vacuum Transformer oil regeneration purifier not only provide dewaters, degases and remove impurities, but also remove acidity, sludge, free carbon, other soluble oil decay products and discoloration.

Double-stage vacuum Transformer oil filtration/ oil purification
China - Industrial - Oil Filtration - Oil Treatment, 14 years ago, 616 hits
Degassing, dehydration and filtering impurities of transformer oil. Vacuum filling oil to transformer, vacuum dry transformer and on-line operation transformer .

Continuous on-line Transformer oil purification, dehydration, degassing
China - Industrial - Oil Purification - Oil Treatment, 14 years ago, 666 hits
The series ZYD Process is able to increase and maintain the oil's dielectric strength and includes the removal of free and soluble water, free and dissolved air and gases and particulate matter.

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