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IPAD (9)

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External Memory

Support external TF card, maximum capacity of 32GB (3)


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Fun Technology Limited (17)


DDR2 256MB (3)

NAND Flash

2GB Flash HDD(standard; optional up to 32GB) (3)

Operation System

Android 2.2 (4)


VIA WM8650 (3)

website (5)

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Operation System=Android 2.2

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New 10.1 inch Android2.2 Tablet PC Mid InfotmicX210 1GHz 512MB 8G GPS 1080P HDMI
China - IPAD - Android Tablet Pc - GPS WIFI MID, 9 years ago, 836 hits
This is a new hot 10.1-inch tablet PC Google Android2.2 with CPU infotmic X210, 1GHz ARM11, support hardware 2D/3D graphics acceleration,512MB HDD 8GB, support 1080P HDMI, Built-in two million pixels camera GPS Navigation, built-in 4000mAh Battery!

New 10.1inch Android 2.2 Tablet Pc Apad 1GHZ 8GB 512MB Built-in GPS 2MP Camera
China - IPAD - Android Tablet Pc - GPS WIFI MID, 9 years ago, 660 hits
This FunPad is from Fun Technology Limited China. It supports 1080p HD video and GPS navigation. High speed processor and frequency tailored made to the needs of the majority of users. You can download more than 20 millions free software!!

2011 China New Fast Processor MID Tablet PC Android2.2 WM8650 800Mhz Flash10.1
China - IPAD - Android Tablet Pc - Dual OS, 9 years ago, 501 hits
This is a new android2.2 irobot tablet PC Apad from Fun Technology Limited. It supports 3G WIFI and Flash Player10.1 4-way G-Sensor Android App Free 3D Games.Most importantly, it is very cheap and can benefit a lot for importers and resellers!

Cina 2011 New 7 Inch Android2.2 Tablet PC for Importers,Distributors,Resellers
China - IPAD - Tablet Pc - Android2.2 Tablet Pc, 10 years ago, 347 hits
2011 New 7-inch Tablet PC Google Android 2.2 WM8650 2GB 1080P Camera Flash10.1 WiFi 3G FunPad Entertainment and Internet Device, Color Giftbox, Free Screen Protector, Free Leather Case!! This tablet PC is tailored for Importers,Distributors,Resellers

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