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Power Balance Silicone Wristbands

Five ion products effects on the human body it is power balance

Manufacturer - freeshippingmart
Model # - powerbalance
SKU - powerbalance
Submitted By - freeshippingmart (Wholesaler, Wholesaler)
Country - China
Category - Gadget Shop Online

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power balance :   free shipping
good quality :   yes
cheap price :   yes
1 year warranty :   yes
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Note: Please choose your favorite color and inform our customer service before shipping. If not, we will choose one color randomly for you.

Size: S(17.5cm), M(19.0cm), L(20.5cm) (optional)
Colour: Red, dark blue, pink, white, yellow, light blue, transparent, black (optional)
Five ion products effects on the human body
1. Blood purification
When the body bearing the negative potential, the blood calcium, sodium ionization rate of increase in the blood of the weak base of speed, a blood purification.
2. Cell activation
When negative ions increase the blood can increase metabolism, activation of cells and tissues; blood calcium increased, improving muscle, cardiac excitability, making the heart more healthy.
3. Increased antibody immunity
When the anion increases in the blood serum globulin significantly increased, thus enhancing antibodies and the body`s own defense force, while increasing the body`s natural healing ability.
4. To enhance blood circulation
Use I-pure retreat 30 minutes amount of negative ion products fingertips to wrist temperature between approximately 0.5 degrees, to prove the products cold hands and feet, and peripheral blood circulation, a significant effect.
5. The adjustment of the role of the autonomic nervous
Autonomic nervous system function, will help the body absorb negative ions obtained significant improvement, even with closely related with the autonomic nervous system function will be smooth within the gland, causing blood function also improved.
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